Palms Spa Review - A New Spa Experience

A massage sometimes will just not cut it when you are looking for a way to get your body rejuvenated and ready for another day or night of fun in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a twist to that normal massage, the Palms Spa has recently introduced its Aura Soma Treatments that will lift your body and mind to a new level.

The start of your path

The treatment to end all treatments is the Rainbow Butterfly Essences Body Wrap; this is eighty minutes of pure heaven. You begin the treatment by picking from one of many colors of essences that are provided at the spa. Once you do that, you will be shown what the definition of that color is to provide you with insight into your choice. Now we get into the treatment portion and yes you still get a massage here and it is on the level of any massage you would normally get, but in addition they incorporate the oils that you chose into the massage. Finally for the last twenty minutes of the treatment, you are placed in a body wrap that has been soaked in oils that are meant to rejuvinate you. When you come out of this treatment, not only will your body have the loose and refreshed feeling from the massage, but from everything else that is done, you will feel revitalized and have a new sense of energy. This renewed feeling actually lasted for days.

On your way to a treatment

The Aura Soma Color Massage allows you to get a little more in depth look into yourself as you are provided a reading based on the bottle of oil that you choose. Your reading will give you insight and help you understand your gifts and talents on a deeper level. The massage itself is a healing system based on minerals, crystals, herbs and plants that combine to create a complete color package. If you are looking for a new experience, I would highly suggest taking a look at one of the Aura Soma Treatments that are offered at the Palms Spa, located inside of the Palms Resort & Casino.

The Palms Spa

The Palms Spa also offers an assortment of other treatments that are a little different than what you will find at your normal everyday spa. For those of you that might have some allergies or are just really concerned about what type of products are being used on you, the Palms Spa offers 100% pure body treatments that are all organic and contain no artificial fragrances, chemicals or harsh detergents. If you are looking to get a facial for that big night out in Vegas, give one of the Arcona Facials a try. Arcona skin is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, providing a more holistic approach that will help forestall the effects of aging.

The Amp Salon at the Palms

Before your treatment or after, make sure that you take advantage of the rest of the facilities at the Palms Spa. In addition to the state-of-the-art fitness center, the Palms Spa also offers a sauna, steam room, deluge, whirlpool, cold plunge and Swiss shower, whatever your choice of relaxation, you are going to find it here.

Keep in mind this is the Palms, so you just never know who you might wind up working next to or running into while you are coming or leaving. It is a virtual who's who of the celebrity world when you are hanging out at the Palms.

For more information on the Palms Spa, visit: or call (702) 942-6937 to make an appointment.

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