Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center Review - A Reiki Experience

Being in the hospital on a weekend is a frustrating experience.  Things don’t completely stop but they significantly slow down.  Our mother was in the hospital because she was having trouble eating.  Of course she was loosing weight, had absolutely no energy and was sleeping most of the time.  My sister, brother and I wanted her time in the hospital to count.  My sister heard about a hospital in the area that incorporated Reiki into their treatment program but that wasn’t the case at the hospital where our mother was located.  Several years ago our mother had had a Reiki treatment and felt very good about it.  So my brother (from out of town) searched the Internet for a promising program offered by Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center ( which states, “We proudly serve the entire Metro Detroit area with flexible hours to accommodate everyone. Some of our healing services can be provided long distance! Results can be shared over the phone or Skype!”  On a Saturday night, he phoned Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center an Aoghain Lakes answered the phone. 


After sharing our mother’s problem with Aoghain, he assured us that he was up to the task of providing a Reiki treatment at the hospital and suggested that two Reiki masters  (at a slightly elevated fee) were better than one, more energy.  I don’t think that I mentioned that our mother is 97 and at this point quite frail.  In addition, she had fallen down stairs and miraculously had not broken anything nor did she have a concussion but boy did those bruises hurt.  Undaunted, Aoghain assured us this was a situation well within realm of his experience, and we arranged for a treatment the following day.


As Sunday dragged on, not being able to connect with doctors, no physical or occupational therapy, and our mother too tired to get out of bed, we were very anxious for her to have the Reiki treatment.  Right on time, Donna and Aoghain Lakes stepped off the elevator.   They proceeded to our Mom’s room and completed a treatment about an hour in length.

Donna and Aoghain Lakes are married and both are Reiki Masters.   Each of them has additional specialties.   

Aoghain is a Reiki Master and Teacher from Dublin, Ireland. He is co-owner of Eternal Balance Life Center. In addition, he is a life transformation coach, master healer, teacher, alternative therapies practitioner, and workshop facilitator.  And more on the website.

Donna is an intuitive healer & Spiritual Life Coach. She is a Reiki Master teacher who has studied body work, energy healing, intuitive development and spiritual evolution.  She has been teaching such subjects as energy healing, soul evolution and psychic development since 2000.  She is extremely gifted and experienced as a medical intuitive, spiritual counselor and life coach. Her clients reside all over the world.  She works regularly with them, providing readings, healings and coaching over the phone and on Skype, as well as in person.  Donna has the ability to tap into anyone’s energy through his or her name. Distance is not a factor; all energy is connected.  And there is more…

Watching them at work was fascinating and amazing.  Our mother’s roommate had visitors and there was conversation and activity on that side of the room.  But on our Mom’s side, it was like a sanctuary.  There was total focus and somehow a feeling of quiet.  As I sat observing, I occasionally felt waves of energy. 

When the treatment ended, our Mom opened her eyes as she had been dozing through the Reiki session.  She smiled and said that it was a very nice treatment.  She slept well that night and the next day she passed her Occupational and Physical Therapy evaluations that qualified her for entrance in a Rehabilitation Center.  All of us were impressed by the rapid response to our inquiry and how quickly the promised service was delivered.  Donna and Aoghain exuded positive energy, kindness and caring.  We are very pleased to have learned about their services strongly recommend them to our readers, everywhere.



Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center

Dedicated to Healing

26711 Woodward Avenue. Suite ll3

Huntington Woods, MI 48070


[email protected]

For more information go to  


Photos by Lawrence Davis



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