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Dr. (Susan) Burke at her desk


(Birmingham, MI) - Acupuncture by Dr. Susan A. Burke, OMD (Oriental Medicine Doctor), L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist) of Acupuncture Health Alliance offers one of the most holistic and comprehensive acupuncture treatments you’re likely to experience. For starters, the session lasts a full 2 hours – usually one hour on the front of the body and one hour on the back, including insertion and removal of the needles (exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances). She also offers acupuncture face-lifts, Chinese herbal and nutitional counseling, and cupping.

Dr. Burke has recently moved to a new location in Birmingham, "with huge amounts of open air and light." She relocated her practice to Birmingham after many years in Berkley, Michigan, prior to which she practiced in California. This year marks her 25th year in practice! She received her initial training in China, and has since has received continuing education and training both in California and at various national workshops. She has maintained both national and State of California Licensure since 1987.



1890 Southfield Road, Birmingham, Michigan;at the corner of DeWitt; entrance pictured here faces DeWitt


Acupuncture is one of the most ancient holistic healing techniques known to man, today scientifically researched and validated. Acupuncture is the trained and precise placement of hair-thin needles at specific points, or meridians, on the body, which correspond to different organs, nerve pathways, and bodily systems (i.e., endocrine, etc). Based on principles of Chinese medicine and its understanding of the body/mind, health, and healing, it is understood that chi (pronounced “chee,” Chinese for the vital life force) streams along energetic pathways in the body. This chi, however, is easily disrupted by physical, mental and emotional stressors (i.e. poor diet, sleep, trauma, medications, and environmental issues). Acupuncture can assist in restoring balance to these pathways, facilitating improved health and optimal functioning on all levels.

Numerous conditions are effectively treated with acupuncture, including back pain, infertility, digestive issues, chronic pain and/or weakness, chronic headaches and migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis. It is also effective with many respiratory and gynecological and reproductive issues, and even addictions. In addition, it effectively addresses many emotional and physiological issues in addition to improving over-all immunity, health, and vitality.

An initial appointment with Dr. Burke will begin with a discussion of the patient’s health issues and concerns. According to Chinese Medicine practice, Dr. Burke will analyze the tongue, as well as subtle pulse readings, which will clue her into the various biological systems and their current levels of balance and/or vitality. The information gathered will guide the session. No two patients, and no two sessions for the same patient, will be identical. Thus, every person and every situation will be different with respect to length and frequency of treatment.


Treatment Room


I stayed away from acupuncture for years because I couldn't imagine that anything involving needles could feel good! But the fact is, the needles as super-thin, and with a highly trained practitioner like Dr. Burke, the insertion of most of the needles is actually imperceptible. While sometimes there will be a momentary pinch or sting immediately upon insertion, this is usually when there is much accumulated "heat" in a particular location, and it lasts only a moment. Once they're all in, they can't be felt at all, and a profoundly deep sense of relaxation sets in. An acupuncture session with Dr. Burke is almost like a spa treatment. One client is so appreciative of her talent and expertise that he travels an hour one way for his appointments!

Some years ago, I saw Dr. Burke for a 'tune up,' and to address what was probably tendonitis or a carpal tunnel flare-up in my right hand (my 'mouse' hand). I was experiencing terrible pain and had almost no mobility in that wrist and hand. After my session with Susan, I had renewed mobility and the pain was down from a 9 ½ (out of 10) intensity, to about a 2 – which by the next day was at 0. In fact, I felt so good the next day that I had completely forgotten that just the day before, I had barely been able to use my right hand!

Ruth was in her 90’s when she began seeing Dr. Burke. She had experienced acupuncture before, but found that Dr. Burke's technique put her previous experience to shame. “It’s an entirely different ballgame!” she gushed. She began seeing Dr. Burke on average of once every 6-18 weeks, and continued seeing her every 2-3 months for several years. During that time, she enjoyed much relief from her arthritic knees, in addition to an overall greater sense of balance, vitality, and wellbeing.

One patient, a 44 year old woman, had been trying to conceive for 6 years before coming to Dr. Burke (many studies show the efficacy of acupuncture in improving fertility). Within 3 weeks of her first treatment, she was pregnant!


Reception Area

 Lauren* saw Dr. Burke in the hopes of shifting out of her clinical depression. Her initial 3 sessions were spaced 7-10 days apart; Her first experience was cathartic, and the improvement after each subsequent session was steady.  Her next few sessions were spaced about 2 weeks apart; and for a few months after that she went about every 3 weeks. Within just a couple of months she felt better than she had since before the depression had settled in a year or so before. Before long, her sessions were spaced once monthly. By the end of a year she was going on average once every 6-8 weeks, and her “maintenance” plan for the following few years was once every 2-3 months, though of course if something especially stressful or painful was going on - emotionally or physically - she would come in for a treatment to "head it off at the pass."

A patient named Amy, who lives out of state, was referred to Dr. Burke by a friend (and happy client). Amy had been experiencing severe pain and increasing lack of mobility in her right thumb, which had been steadily increasing in intensity since her daughter had been born nearly a year before. Amy had been to doctor after doctor, and was finally told that surgery was the only option available to relive her pain and restore mobility – assuming the surgery was successful, which could not be guaranteed. Amy didn’t even have time for a standard session with Dr. Burke, but she popped in anyway, hoping that perhaps a brief, localized treatment would be an option

Instead, Dr. Burke took a look, got some information from Amy, and told her that in this instance, specific mega-doses of vitamin E for 4-6 months was actually what was called for. It seemed too good to be true, and with the popular scare about possible dangers of 'too much' vitamin E, Amy was a little concerned. But it was that or surgery, so she decided to give it a try. Sure enough, within 3 months of the suggested regimen, Amy's thumb and hand were completely back to normal! Talk about non-invasive ‘surgery!’


Dr. Burke working on a patient


Dr. Burke's new office in Birmingham has three patient treatment rooms, two of which are bathed in natural light thanks to an entire quarter of the room being a door-wall. The outdoor area outside the doorwalls are entirely closed in and private. She shares her office with a Thai Massage practitioner, who occupies two of the offices total of five rooms.

Her office is located at 1890 Southfield Road, Suite #3, in Birmingham, Michigan. The building is a one story red brick building at the corner of DeWitt (the entrance faces DeWitt), located just north of 14 Mile Road on the west side of Southfield Road.

For further information or to make an appointment, call Susan A. Burke, OMD, L.Ac at 248-582-8888. You can also visit her website at

*name has been changed to protect privacy

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