Age Smart by Mirka Review – Best Spa for a Brazilian Wax

Age Smart by Mirka Brazilian Wax Review

As spring slowly rolls in, it’s time for you ladies to begin thinking about defuzzing your bikini area for the upcoming summer months. If you’re on the hunt for a new spa to take care of your Brazilian waxing, facials and other spa needs, Age Smart by Mirka located in Bethesda, Md. is the place to go.


Before I begin, I feel it is only fair to mention that I will only be doing a review on the Brazilian wax service only. I have not yet tried Mirka’s additional spa service offerings.


I began coming to Mirka in fall of 2013 after a previous unpleasant experience with another wax specialist. My previous wax specialist was recommended to me by one of her clients, who told me that the wax specialist was also a makeup artist to a list of celebrities, so I thought I’d give her a try.


I didn’t feel that she was paying attention to my concerns enough. For example, I told her that the wax was too hot and she continued on all along telling me, “Oh, it’s supposed to be a little warm.” That is a no no! She also introduced my tender, freshly-waxed skin to tea tree oil without carrier oil and I burned for like four hours, but I digress from the TMI and have of course, moved on.


Brazilian Wax Services

I discovered Age Smart through Groupon. After reading the consistent and positive reviews on Yelp from clients on Mirka’s kindness, patience and her tendency not to push or pedal a plethora of beauty products before leaving the salon, I was convinced enough to give her a try. I always feel more comfortable with reading reviews before embarking on a service as intimate as this before setting foot inside of the facility.


I have had about three Brazilian waxes with Mirka since I’ve discovered this spa, but Mirka and I have connected in ways that feel more than just spa specialist and client based on the topics in our conversations and getting to know one another better. The hair stylist next door mentioned that she was pleased to see that Mirka does well with tending to all skin types—which is a major plus for those who are prone to ingrown hairs, pigmentation issues and acne.


Mirka uses a combination of hard and soft waxes for different parts of the bikini area. She is patient and calm and talks you through the whole process, which is very painful no matter who does it. She follows up by checking to make sure she has each and every hair removed, including your tummy. She then extracts any pimples from ingrowns and finishes with a non-stinging anesthetic. I’ve been a satisfied customer ever since.


The beautiful, small, but state-of-the art salon is located in downtown Bethesda inside of Lux Studios at 4711 Montgomery Lane. On-street metered parking is available.


For more information, visit the Age Smart by Mirka website. From the contact us page, you can choose from a long-list of services like the Diamond Microdermabrasion, Acne or Back Facial, eye treatments, massages and glycolic peels. Also available for the summer are Bioslimming body wraps for those who want to melt away the last few inches of body fat before bikini season begins. So take a trip on over to Age Smart and be bikini ready for summer!


Summer Ready Bikini

Age Smart at LUX Studios
4711 Montgomery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814


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