Luxxery - Where Beauty Begins and Ends

Dr. Ayman Hakki has taken the art of beauty to a new level in Washington D.C. with the opening of Luxxery, a full-service beauty boutque that will cater to your every need.


Today people are getting more done to their bodies than at any time in history and that will only continue as men are just scratching the surface of what women already know and that is by pampering yourself you not only will look better, but you will also feel better. Feeling better inside and out will improve every aspect of your life. You could spend an entire Saturday running from place-to-place, but Dr. Hakki has changed that by taking every service that you could need and putting them all under one roof at Luxxery.

Dr. Hakki can of course provide you with plastic surgery, but he also offers an entire staff that will take care of your needs when it comes to anything that your heart desires. His cosmetic surgery includes; facial, body and breast surgery and if you are looking for something else, Luxxery also offers injectable fillers, botox and a number of laser procedures. For your more basic needs, Luxxery has the following services; nails, hair and wellness coaching to just name a few.

Dr. Ayman Hakki

"I want to surround my clients with beauty. My theory is that if I offer them all their beauty needs in one place, they will not have to travel all over the metropolitan area to get their beauty needs met. Everything from their nails, hair, laser rejuvenation and wellness coaching to cosmetic surgery is offered in the most pleasant and professional atmosphere. I love watching my clients transform when I address their  beauty concerns. I instill in them the confidence that they yearn for and enable them to go on in their life feeling good about themselves,” Dr. Hakki stated.


Dr. Hakki is a board certified plastic surgeon who received plastic surgery training at Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Hakki was also a featured plastic surgeon on MTV's "True Life."

For more information on Luxxery, visit: or you can schedule an appointment by calling Luxxery at (301) 843-9769.

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