George the Salon Citrus Crushed Pearl Massage Review – Quite the Spa Indulgence

George the Salon is now offering an extra indulgent spa experience: the citrus crushed pearl massage. This particular massage is a must to experience when visiting the salon on the 3rd floor at 945 North Rush Street in Chicago. Why, do you ask? We will get to that in a minute. First, let’s discuss George the Salon itself, which is a new unique hair salon with positive energy and limitless possibilities. Founded by George Gonzalez eight years ago, the salon solely focuses on hair services. The salon has been nominated in the past as one of the best salons in Chicago. It is simple and elegant, which is inspired by George’s fascination with balance and mastery of movement.


Massage therapist, Maggie Klasa


I came in one evening to experience the citrus crushed pearl massage for myself. I was greeted by friendly, smiling receptionists at the front desk of the salon. Silver, 3D lowercase g’s decorating hung the walls. In the lobby, there were shelves and shelves of George’s hair care products for sale. The ambiance was tranquil yet lively.


The front desk


The salon at work


George's hair products for sale


The lobby


As for the citrus crushed pearl massage, massage is a brand new spa service that the salon only recently started to offer. Only offered on Wednesdays, the ninety minute massage ($190) includes crushed freshwater pearls, and a blend lime, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon oils, lotions and scrubs.


The massage is performed by professional massage therapist Maggie Klasa, who has worked at the Ritz-Carlton for the past fifteen years. The treatment involves luxurious nutrient-dense products paired with the healing benefits of touch. There is also an exfoliation of the back, hands and feet to awaken the senses, which stimulate the nervous system and calm the entire body and mind.


The process of the massage treatment is as follows:


First, Klasa applies a fresh infused essential oil and lime blossom body scrub to exfoliate tired, dead skin cells. Next, she adds soft, hot towels and compressions, which helps the blood vessels to dilate and aid in the absorption of the essential oil. Finally, the actual full body massage begins with a citrus fresh essential oil blend of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, and spearmint. Klasa describes the essential oil blend as “a relaxing, calming blend that's rich in powerful antioxidant d-limonene. It supports the immune system and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy.”


The massage is also customized to the client’s individual needs. Massage, which can help relieve pain and tension, or help with relaxation, can help reduce stress and fatigue, relax and unwind sore muscles and the mind, increase circulation, normalize blood pressure, brighten mood, boost immune function, and ensure sound sleep.


The final step of the massage then involves the crushed pearl body cream, hence the name of the treatment, which is applied to the back, hands and feet, which deeply hydrates the body and your skin. The nourishing oils and crushed freshwater pearls emulate the power of real orchids, which help with silky, soft, smooth, and lovely skin.

I was one of the lucky ones to sample this luxurious massage. It was literally pure heaven! It is one of the most indulgent and stress-relieving experiences I have ever had.


The massage room


The massage room was also very tranquil and relaxing, with dim lighting and soft music playing. Candles were lit everywhere. Klasa was also very nice, professional, and made me feel comfortable. She knew which questions to ask me so the massage could me accommodated to my body needs. It was stress and back/neck tension that evening!


Klasa began with the infused essential oil and lime blossom body scrub, which was comforting on my back. The scent was lovely. Then, she applied the hot towel compressions, which helped ease and relax my sore, tense muscles. The full body massage then was applied with the citrus fresh essential oil blend of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, and spearmint. This was a long list of blended scents, but they all melded together quite nicely: I loved the smells that filled my nose. The oil was also perfect for a full body massage. Klasa’s technique was fantastic. She treated my tense areas (with lots of knots) and knew exactly how to relax my muscles. I think I almost drifted off to sleep!


The last step, which I was looking forward to the most, was the citrus crushed pearl body cream. Klasa put it all over my back and it was silky and soft. I cannot begin to describe to you the amazing scent of this lotion-it was pure luxury and I felt like a VIP and extremely pampered. It was the ultimate ending to an amazing massage treatment.


When the treatment was over, I felt the stress, tension, and all my day-to-day worries melt away. I felt relaxed, more alert and more balanced. This was exactly what George the Salon and Klasa herself claimed of the citrus crushed pearl massage treatment. According to Klasa, “massage is a very important part of our health and does provides many beneficial things for us and it should be a priority.” I couldn’t agree more.




Photos: Jennifer Lunz



For information on George the Salon and services, or to book an appointment, please call 312-923-9444 or visit their website.

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