BizOver Event Review - Making a Good Makeover Everyone's Business

I have always admired the strong business woman, whose voice commands just the right amount of confidence and authority, with her structured suit in sharp navy and her sensibly proportioned soft leather pumps; she seems to hold the secrets to success in her crocodile briefcase filled with mysteriously important papers and documents.  Today’s working woman sets out to be multi-faceted with well rounded interests and a firm grasp on the healthy ideal of work-life balance.  But oftentimes, between meetings, conference calls, emails, and deadlines, everything else is sometimes forced to take a backseat.  

everyone was enjoying the BizOver at last year's event


Luckily for these busy boss ladies, George the Salon, Neiman Marcus, and Fuksa Khorshid, LLC will join forces to help put the life back into their work-life balance with the 6th annual BizOver on September 13th, 2012.  One of Chicago’s most anticipated and premier make-over events, the BizOver invites the city’s influential and professional women to come out and take advantage of coveted beauty resources like celebrity hair stylists and capable makeup artists; all housed and supplied by one of the world’s most renowned luxury department stores. 

everyone all shades and smiles that evening

A brief overview for those of us who haven’t been in the BizOver loop for the last six years, the whole idea of the BizOver is to provide hardworking women with a much deserved opportunity for pampering and self-appreciation. Founded by Lema Khorshid, an attorney at Fuksa Khorshid, LLC and sponsored by Neiman Marcus and George the Salon, the BizOver educates its honored guests about the season’s hottest and latest in hair and makeup trends and how to incorporate those trends into the busy daily routine of the working gal. It’s often true that looks may not close an important deal or secure a multi-million dollar account, but it certainly makes one feel rather good about themselves when they glance in the mirror and adore what they see.  The confidence that stems from a positive self image is most likely what inspired Ms. Khorshid’s philosophy of looking good, feeling good, then naturally doing good; "When you look good you feel good and you project the positive image you need to succeed."

beautiful ladies enjoying last year's BizOver



The savvy business mind was trained to recognize a good deal.  For a mere $50, BizOver ticket holders will receive products and services valued for at least twice that amount with an atmosphere and experience that is beyond appraisal.  It all starts with a cut and style or hair coloring service by River North’s George the Salon hairstylists who have worked with celebrities and personalities from the Oprah Winfrey Show, the HARPO network, The Rosie Show, and the PGA Golf Tour; an opportunity that would usually cost upwards of $125.   Appointments began August 1st, 2012 allowing services to be booked at the ticket holder’s convenience in advance of the in-store event; but it is not too late to schedule an appointment. In fact, because the availability of free time for the ever-busy corporate American woman is sometimes a rare commodity, ticket holders will have until December 31st, 2012 to book their hair services! 


such a fabulous turnout!

The makeover continues into the first month of fall at the in-store event, Thursday September 13th from 5:30-7:30pm at Neiman Marcus 737 N. Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  Guests will then receive follow-up consultations from George the Salon stylists advising them on prolonging the enjoyment of their newly coifed styles, as well as aesthetic assistance from the nimble hands of Neiman’s makeup and beauty experts.  The literal and figurative icing on the cake to this fabulous night will be topping the decadent desserts and scrumptious cocktails provided at the event; adding a sweet ending to an evening of beauty, style, and class.  The BizOver is not to be missed, so be sure to purchase your tickets and have your assistant key the event into your Blackberry, your other Blackberry, and your iPhone.  To purchase advanced tickets to the BizOver please visit, tickets are currently $50, but will be raised to $65 one week before the event.  To contact George the Salon directly visit or call (312) 923-9444.

makeovers and networking make for the perfect night


**Photos courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications, Inc.


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