Shoe Eti-Kit Review – A New to Way Keep Outside Dirt from Coming Inside

When we had a lovely peach colored carpet installed in our living room and dining room, I decided it was time to take my shoes off when coming inside.  Eventually, I found the courage to request that visitors do the same unless it made them very uncomfortable. In the homes of people who come from countries where removing shoes when entering a home is expected, this seems to be a natural and unquestioned procedure.  But, in our home, where this practice is not typical, visitors are sometimes uncomfortable and then they track outside dirt into the house.

Dirt comes in

What to do when guests are very uncomfortable removing their shoes is problematic.  I really don’t want people to avoid a visit here because they know they will need to remove their shoes, but I’d like the dirt to stay out of the house.  When I learned about “ Shoe Eti-Kit” it seemed offer a solution to this problem, especially when they suggest that you “Tell your guests to keep their shoes on.”

Shoe Eti-Kit solves problems

A new Chicago based company is offering this unique product, designer disposable shoe cover kits. The kits are attractive and easy to store and come with 1 decorator Display/storage box, 6 reusable pair of Designer Disposable Shoe Covers and 2 unique Door Hanger Messages.  Supposedly, the two door hanger messages “discreetly and un-embarrassingly ask guests to –cover your shoes before entering-and then supplies designer style shoe covers.” In reality, my guests were not so compliant and I needed to assist some with putting them on.  But in the end, the covers were well received and fit over boots, tennis shoes, men’s large shoes and women’s heels.  When leaving, one of my guests commented they were so light, he didn’t realize he had it on. Another guest was so excited to see this product that she took all the information and headed to get herself a kit.

So why does one care about keeping outside dirt outside? Probably because, “Filthy soles bring dirty sidewalk grime with lead, pesticides, allergens, saliva, germs, feces, grease, etc.” and 80% of indoor dirt is tracked in on shoe bottoms.  Shoe Eti-Kit Disposable Shoe Covers was developed in response to the need to provide the proactive health and style conscious consumer with designer shoe covering kits necessary to protect their families’ health and to promote clean living environments.

Informative postcard

Comments by some well - known people about shoe dirt tracked indoors:
Martha Stewart asks her guests to remove shoes and/or wear booties that she buys in bulk.  Someone asked her if she feels that it is rude to ask this and Martha said, “Well, of course not!”

In “Parenting Magazine” Aviva Patz says in an article entitled,  “Avoiding the Mistakes Even Smart Moms Make” she says, “Mistake:  Wearing shoes inside the house.  Babies
live on floors and rugs, and now you’re tracking dirt, chemicals, and street germs on the bottom of your shoes.  Babies also put every little thing they find in their mouths.”

Kit description

Do try Shoe Eti-Kit as an easy way for your guests to keep outside dirt outside. They are available in ten designs.

Shoe Eti-Kit “We’ve got you covered in Style”
15941 S. Harlem Ave, #132
Tinley Park, IL 60477
888.Eti-kit.2 or 708.705.3565
Email: [email protected]

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