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How to Write an Effective Resume

By Robert Hellson

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If you are looking for a job, a well-written resume helps to create the first impression. And first impression, as you know, is the last impression. Your resume should excite your would-be employers to give you an interview call. This call may not materialize in case of a badly written resume.


So, a resume becomes your most important tool to land a job. And as Jane Heifetz, a resume expert, has rightly put it, “There is nothing quick or easy about crafting an effective resume.” Of course, drafting a powerful and effective resume has never been easy, especially so in today’s tech-driven employment scenario.


We bring you a few tips on how to write an effective resume that will help you to master the art of resume-writing.


How long is long?

The days of single page resumes are over. Today, 3 to 4-page resumes are fine, but no more than that. This gives you the leeway of making your resume more compelling. Now that you have got the space, you can tell your story in a more effective manner and explain why you are ideal for the job. No recruiter has either the time or the patience to read each resume. So, make sure to use keywords in your resume that catches the eye, even while skimming.


Design it right

Even before the recruiter starts reading your resume, how you have presented it creates the first impact. So, add value to it by using color, shading, and charts, just to make the resume stand out. Your resume presented in this way will certainly get picked up first. However, ensure that the design is not too funky and adheres to industry norms.


Strong opening grabs eyeballs

What is your objective in forwarding your resume? It is, obviously, to attract the recruiter. If you have drafted your resume in a mundane fashion, it is bound to get rejected. So, make the opening of the resume strong and even quirky to make it a must read.


Focus on credentials

There is usually a tendency to include every job, accomplishment, skills, and the like in the resume that is not relevant to the job applied. The recruiter is obviously not interested in this. So, lay more emphasis on the credentials, experiences and accomplishments that relate to the job on offer.


Make resume more impactful

 There are certain keywords that recruiters look for in a resume to shortlist potential candidates. If you don’t use the right ones or the latest ones, the electronic applicant system will simply reject it. Also, make your resume more impactful by talking numbers and not just words. For example, instead of ‘wrote articles on lifestyle on websites’, say ‘wrote 25 articles on websites that generated 8,000 page reviews, 12,000 likes and 3,000 tweets’.


Showcase your strengths

The crux of a resume is to impress the recruiter, so mention something exceptional you have achieved in your previous employment that sets you apart from the rest. Don’t limit these strengths only to your professional field, but also mention your passions in a way as to strike an emotional cord with the recruiter and can become a future discussion point during the interview.


Make it easy for recruiter to contact you

For this, you have to clearly mention your contact details including your telephone number. Limit your address to just city, state and city code. Also, provide live links to your email address, professional blog and social medial accounts.

Published on Apr 19, 2017

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