Dolphin Quest Oahu Review - Best Family Fun On Oahu

Putting On A Show

There are endless choices for fun on the Island of Oahu. But nothing will put a bigger smile on the face of your children or a spouse than experiencing a dolphin swim and close personal interaction with the oceans most mystical and magical of creatures.

Father and Daughter Fun

The best place to experience this is here with the folks at Dolphin Quest. Many of us have grown up on the two Flipper TV shows or the Paul Hogan Flipper Movie and dreamed about swimming and playing with friendly bottle nose dolphins. Well here under the supervision of a terrific staff of trainers you will have the time of your life. I have been thrilled by the Dolphin Quest experience several times over the years. So I couldn't wait for my granddaughter Tehea to turn 10 and surprise her and daddy Jacob by booking their dolphin encounter.

A Lono Splash

As you play with and learn about these beautiful guardians of our oceans the goal of the Dolphin Quest trainers are to touch your heart and open your mind in a fun and inspirational way, sharing how we can all play a vital role in protecting our ocean ecosystem. Tehea's beautiful smile never faded as she splashed and received splashes back from her two dolphin friends. Lono, 32 years old and his son Hua, who is 9.

Tehea and Hua share a Kiss

Tehea gave Hua a kiss, received a boisterous dolphin laugh, even fed him a fish treat just like an experienced trainer. Halfway into your encounter the trainer provides masks and Tehea and Jacob swam and watched below the surface as both dolphins swiftly and playfully circled them. It's a marvel on just how fast and agile they are.

Look Mom I'm A Trainer

Together they learned some of the trainers hand signals and got to ask Lono to stand on his tail and do an amazing high flying leap. Know that all the dolphins are invited to voluntarily participate in the guest interactions. Being social animals they usually do. If a dolphin is not in the mood others are glad to take their place.

Feeding Time

Here dolphins are adored and well cared for. They receive the highest food quality and the finest veterinary care. Since it is not in the dolphins best interest you are not allow you to hold on and ride the dolphins as they do in Mexico and other places outside the USA. Dolphin Quest is very active in the local Hawaiian ocean community providing public education, support in local marine mammal conservation and contributing to critical scientific study. Dolphin Quest was founded years ago by two marine mammal veterinarians. The first time I visited D.Q. was summer of 1996 in Kona Hawaii, and it was such a wonderful and unique experience I can remember it as if it was last week. So The next time you plan your Hawaii trip don't miss out on this wonderful encounter.

Our New Friend Hua

You will find a large selection of programs to choose from to fit everyone's needs and desires. Including a five and a half hour program for everyone 10 years and older features be a Trainer For A Day. The one hour program we did was called Dolphin Adventure, good for 5 years and up and feature 35 minutes of fun with the dolphins. Or do the popular Dolphin Encounter a 30 minute program featuring 25 minutes with the dolphins. Many programs allow up to 5 guests at a time The choices are endless. Dolphin Quest is located on the grounds of the wonderful Kahala Resort which is just a short cab ride from the Waikiki hotels. The Kahala Resort has a wonderful beach so if your not staying here I suggest you make a day of it enjoy an ocean swim and have lunch. Here in the Kahala Resort controlled lagoon is where you will experience a supervised and educational one on one encounter with several friendly dolphins, which were born and raised here. For over two decades, Dolphin Quest has inspired and educated tens of thousands of tourists, school groups, and locals annually at it's three locations. Two are here in the Hawaiian islands, Oahu as well as Kona on The Big Island, with a third location on Bermuda. On our drive leaving the resort Tehea said it was the best birthday present ever. Then quickly added if she can do it again next year when she turns 11. This was truly a perfect day in paradise.

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