Atlantis Cruises Hawaii offers Atlantis Navatek Dinner Cruise – We loved It!

Atlantis Cruises Hawaii offers two submarines that operate from Oahu. My friend and I boarded the larger of the two, which was 100 feet long and accompanied 64 people, with larger viewing windows. The ride on the larger sub is considered the premium and that is the one I would recommend. 

The ride was really great. Our dive went to 116 feet. The crew was friendly and keeps you engaged and informed during the whole experience. We saw turtles, various species of fish, divers, reef and a shipwreck.. It is also a bonus that transportation is included and takes you to the Hilton Hawaiian Village for departure. The Hilton Hawaiian Village has fantastic views and one should plan to stay and enjoy the beach after the sub dive. I highly recommend the Atlantis, it was totally awesome.

Atlantis Navatek Dinner Cruise was wonderful. Transportation from my hotel was included. There was a choice of two dinner packages, a buffet and a formal dinner which both included three alcohol beverages. We had the formal dinner which was really fantastic. As soon as we sat down our waiter introduced himself and we had a shrimp cocktail prior to the ship sailing and we received beverages of our choice. Once we started to sail our dinner was served with both a whole lobster and beef tenderloin, salad, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables and chocolate mousse cake. There was music from the time we boarded; also there were singers and dancers and audience participation during the cruise. The sunset was beautiful. The bonus of being on the Navatek was that it goes further out and is the closest dinner cruise to Diamond Head.

While we were still sailing we could see the point where the other ships ceased their cruise. The general Manager Ken Kessler was very accommodating and gave us a tour of the ship. I would recommend the dinner cruise for families without young children. The buffet was very kid friendly and had a choice of chicken, fish or pork. The voyage was very smooth, with no rough waters.

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