Trendnet GreenNet 16-Port Gigabit Switch Review - Ends the Network Aggravation

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, right? It’s bad enough with just one computer continuously having to reboot, at least in the windows world, but just wait until you get over four computers that need to be networked and then your problems will really start! At least they did in my case. All my problems were solved when I received the GreenNet 16-Port Gigabit Switch and simply plugged all my Ethernet cords into the ports.

GreenNet’s 16-Port Gigabit Switch

I have a Belkin Wireless router with four external Ethernet ports and I brought in a Netgear Router which also has four Ethernet ports.  I plugged the Netgear in the Belkin by using one of the four ports which left me the ability to have three computers running off the Ethernet of the Belkin and four new computers to run off the Netgear Router. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well, the problem that this configuration caused made me want to pull my hair out. You see, each router has a different IP address. One having a 192.168.2.? And the other 192.198.1.? IP address.

In English, what that means is that the computers were all connected to the Belkin router communicated fine with the other computers connected to the Belkin and the computer s connected to the Netgear worked fine with those connected to the Netgear router. But like a bad relationship, the computers didn’t communicate with each other. This caused great frustration, waste of time and many others problems. 

I tried all the normal things, setting one router as a switch, manually inserting IP address verses auto. I must have rebooted the computers a hundred times but the two sets of computers were living in separate worlds unable to communicate.

GreenNet's16-Port Gigabit Switch

As Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Splash Magazines Worldwide, when I find a service or hidden treasure I like to inform my readers and arm them with as much information as they need to make informed decisions and wise purchases.

Once my IT guy explained my problem was the internet switch, I went immediately to the information super highway and soon found TrendNet Networking Solutions which after reading their reviews and product descriptions they were the obvious choice. I have reviewed other TrendNet Products as you read here: and decided to go with them again! 

My hours of hair pulling frustration, wasted time and aggravation were easily solved by plugging in GreenNet 16-Port Gigabit  Switch and then plugging in my seven computers Ethernet cords and I have room for five more computers! Not only did I have seven computers sharing the same network, easily, but all connected to the internet beautifully, and with five empty ports, I have room to grow!

GreenNet’s 16-Port Gigabit Switch

GreenNet's 16-Port Gigabit  Switch is cost effective, energy efficient and use up to 70% less energy! The GreenNet's 16-Port Gigabit Switch port connections are powered individually meaning electrical energy used to power the GreenNet Networking Solution is designated port by port. Power usage is reduced depending on the amount of data cables used.  

Even with total usage of all 16 ports, the GreenNet’s 16-Port Gigabit  Switch system still performs using less energy than other comparable routers.The GreenNet’s 16-Port Gigabit Switch, not only ended extreme frustration and wasted time and aggravation, but uses 70% less electricity.

I highly recommend The GreenNet’s 16-Port Gigabit Switch for anyone who outgrows his or her four port standard router and move up to an 8 or 16 switch. You’ll be very glad as I was that you did!

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