The Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD Review – Seagate Unleashes Performance

My computer died and life stopped. I took my laptop into BNY Tech located in the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. After diagnosis they informed me that I needed a new hard drive.




I called my IT guru who runs our Technology Sections and asked him what to do. I didn’t know a hard drive from hard candy or what would be the best hard drive for my mini HP.  His immediate suggestion was to look at the Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD.



So what is the Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD? It is a hybrid hard drive. The Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD fuses the blazing speed of SSD with the high capacity of a hard drive. With Seagate Adaptive Memory™ technology, SSHD dramatically improves boot times and application speeds.



SSHDs utilize Seagate flash management technology to deliver SSD-like performance. Testing consistently shows that Seagate Laptop SSHDs compare favorably to SSDs—without sacrificing capacity

  • 500GB, 7mm design for the latest thinnest laptops
  • 1TB, 9.5mm design for maximum capacity laptops
  • Boots and performs like an SSD
  • Up to 5× faster than a traditional 5400-RPM HDD
  • Easy laptop upgrade to boost performance and capacity



Cool huh? But what about that adaptive memory technology, what is that? I’m so glad you asked:

Adaptive Memory Technology is a smart algorithm that constantly runs in the background and is done by the drive itself. No operating system drivers works with MacOS, Windows, and Linux.  Basically, it memorizes the files you need most, or use the most at boot, application load, etc and places them in the SSD. That way, your boot time and application load time is dramatically reduced. It takes about 3 boots for the drive to know that point the drive and system is running at the highest performance.  It's always learning though, so no matter what you do, the drive will always adjust to have your most needed files in the flash.



Even my non techy brain gets how exciting that is. The drive was ordered and shipped out overnight. It felt a little like Christmas when my Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD came in the mail. As exciting as that moment was, it couldn’t compete when I went in to pick up my laptop after the hard drive was installed. I couldn’t even leave the building without staking claim to a chair in the lobby right next to an outlet. Plugging in and powering up. I was not disappointed. The processing speed was exhilarating. It was such fun to see it take a moment as it memorized my request and then the next time I asked, zip to it fast, fast, fast. On top of that when I look and see how much more room I had left to store data. Yes! I now have a computer which doesn’t take ten minutes to process a request. A computer which has oodles of storage space and is faster than it was when it was new. And I am safely connected to the 21st century once again. Well done Seagate, well done.


Click here for more information: Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD


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