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SL 300 Soul Headphones by Ludacris - SL300 Soul

By Lawrence Davis

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Prepare for a high definition, fully isolated listening experience any time, any place with the SL300MS, Ludacris’ Soul Headphones. These powered performance headphones are engineered to deliver such a high quality of pristine, balanced sound that they are appropriate for use by music professionals… and they’re also a stylish option for the tasteful traveler looking for superior noise cancelling technology.

Many would describe them as light and sleek appearance. Whether you’re a producer, a DJ or a music aficionado…the SOUL by Ludacris experience delivers sound that moves your soul


One reviewer wrote:

"I just bought a pair of the SL300WB. . . And they are just all-around perfect. Looks, comfort, sound everything about these headphones are on point. And I also record music so I was lookin' for headphones with good bass but where my vocals wasn't being takin' over with the bass and to my surprise they blended so perfectly!!!" 

The SL300 headphones have many features.  The sound has a nice mix of bass, with clear mids and highs, giving a great balance for your listening pleasure. It eliminates unwanted sounds and noises.  Its ready to use on most multimedia devies with 1/8” or ¼” headphone input jack including iPhone, iPad, iPod and smart phones. The full ear cup ensures you get the best and most comfortable fit every time you wear them. It has a tangle-free audio cable, a sleek folding design for easy storage and a protective road case for convenience and storage.


Another persona review says:

"I just bought a pair of SL300, it compliments every single details of the tracks itself. From the Low, to the Mids and then to the Highs. It even sounds better than the Beats Pro or even the Beats Studio." 


Designed to communicate a certain style whether you wear them worn on your head or resting around your neck. The emphasis on style extends to the argyle pattern stitched into the leather. They also have status-symbol aspirations, evidenced by the small tactile button on the inside of the headphones that toggles a glowing white LED around the Soul branding on the outside of the earcups.

In terms of their actual fit, the headphones have minimal contact points on your head aside from the leather padding underneath the headband and on the earcups. SL300 headphones are comfortable to wear over long listening sessions. You'll also notice a considerable amount of flex in the plastic housing, and while some do not recommend one to use these headphones for DJing a party, the expandable width of the earpieces relative to the headband allows for a universal fit across a wide range of head sizes.


A small right and left indicator located on the inside of the hardware helps distinguish the cups, but you can also take cues from the power switch on the left earcup that turns on the powered noise cancellation. An important difference to note of those familiar with other popular headphones on the market- between these headphones and the Beats- is that the SL300s can still play music even if you happen to lose power to the noise cancellation, although you'll notice a serious drop in sonic clarity since the internal equalizer boost only works with the isolation engaged. Regardless, it's a useful feature to have when you don't have access to another pair of AA batteries (two are included in the package to get you started).

The left and right earcup arms fold into the headband of the SL300's for transportable storage in the hard carrying case you get in the box, and there's also a small carabineer attached if you're courageous enough to carry them around on your belt loop or backpack. We also appreciate the small webbed netting pocket inside the case with room for the detachable cables you get with the SL300s--one with a microphone and in-line smartphone remote control for playback navigation, and another flat cable for just listening to music. They both feature a straight plug on the side that goes into the headphone with an angled plug on the opposite end with ample length for case-covered devices.


The Soul SL300's combination of active noise cancellation is the main feature. For those unfamiliar with this, noise cancellation is the drowning out of external noise. Also, boosted equalization place these headphones in a specific niche- these headphones are designed with a deliberate bass push meant to simulate an active subwoofer common in music genres like hip-hop, R&B, rock, and pop music.

Get your pair of Soul by Ludacris headphones today and enjoy the clear sounds of your music, without the background noises!





Published on May 08, 2013

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