Samsung S10 Video Camcorder Review – A new evolution of camcorders


The Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder

A few years ago, video recording was seen to be a hassle. However Samsung has released a new and improved camcorder, the S10 Full HD Camcorder, and with this device the everyday worries of lugging around a huge, bulky, heavy camcorder is no longer an issue.  With the pocket size Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder you are able to manage multiple tasks. The Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder offers full high definition quality as well as other remarkable features and retails at only $749.00. The Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder is 1920 x 1080i at 60 Hz, which gives you the option to view images in high definition with a single click.

Fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing less than one pound, this camcorder offers many benefits and has an immense amount of features.  The battery life is amazing, the Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder allows you to video for up to three hours with a single charge, so you will not miss those last minute moments. The 3.5 LCD screen gives you crystal clear images, and the 20x optical zoom allows you to get close shots even when far away. The photo quality of this camera is breath taking as well, the Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder takes 10mp photos. Some other features of the camcorder is the blur free video, this is because of the built in Smart Optical Image Stabilizer. The Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorders’ built in stabilizer works by letting the lens of the camera shift over a wider range which compensates for greater degrees. This built in stabilizer delivers clear images even if you do not have a steady hand, which is a key feature and very important when delivering results for businesses.

Another feature that I was rather impressed with is the built in S10 Intelli-Studio software. The S10 Intelli-Studio software gives you the freedom to play around with the camera, and also lets you edit and share files on any PC.  This option makes it really simple to share files from one user to another. With most camcorders you are limited to how you can recharge the battery, however, the Samsung S10 Camcorder also offers USB charging.

I was given the opportunity to see this camcorder first hand. I was not only able to see how it worked and play around with it, I also viewed the recorded footage in normal view and also in high definition. I was taken back by the outcome, and honestly thought there was no way that such a small camcorder could really deliver when it came to the ending results.

So what makes this camcorder different from the previous camcorders released? It offers crystal clear details with the option to view in high definition at a compelling price. This camcorder has many features to offer and is a great camcorder for a low price. All of the key features located within the camcorder can be for various activities and is for beginners as well as tech-savvy individuals.  I would recommend the Samsung S10 Full HD Camcorder to anyone looking for a new camcorder, but not wanting to ‘break the bank’. In fact, I’m looking to get one for myself!

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