Trendnet 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Review – Creating Broader Networks that Everyday People Can Trust

Splash reached out to Trendnet a few weeks back because of a network issue stemming from limitations in the main office and resulting in a property-wide lack of dependable internet use, which, for a worldwide magazine, is entirely unacceptable. We really need to be able to connect and reach out to everyone within the network, all the time. We are not an army-driven publication and therefore, every connection matters immensely. Internet failure could not continue to be an excuse.

As with any company, but perhaps especially in one based online and generated worldwide, Splash absolutely depended on consistencies in the network in order for this well-oiled machine of a production to continue running at a level that was expected by us and from our readers. That being said, Trendnet was instrumental in building back up the trust that was missing between us writers and our heavily-laden network that required cultivation via the woe-begotten internet.

Like white knights out of the fog, our Trendnet providers heard our litany of distrust and sent to us our network’s almighty alibi, the 500 MBPS Powerline AV Adapter. Initially, such a title meant nothing to most of us around the office and our general feeling of hope was not immediately altogether boosted, as network failure is a big problem and small technical contraptions in only slightly larger boxes do not appear very promising upon onset.


However, this small white box was about to go a long way. Very long, indeed. Instructions, which were discernible even to the interns, mandated that we connect one of the contraptions into the network itself and the other adapter into any outlet within the electrical system and ‘voila!’ – our internet would become one of infinitely boosted dependability even upon venturing forth more than ten feet from the ‘box.’ Our Splash network would be up and running faster and more dependable than ever, reaching even off into the recesses of the intern office and the dark editor’s dungeon below.


And beyond, as I can lay testimony to right now, working this moment both on the internet and within the network, and yet outside of the main office in the vast wilderness that encompasses Splash Magazine’s humble abode. Needless to say, Trendnet’s 500 MBPS Powerline AV Adapter is a high quality product that delivers exactly what it promises. And for our purposes here in the hills of Hollywood, it served immaculately. It is extremely user friendly, as our well-loved but inexperienced interns can attest, as well as entirely capable of delivering for the needs of a magazine with humble beginnings that nevertheless, dips into the crevices of the entire world. 

For more information on Trendnet, visit their website!

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