NETtech PC Solutions Review - Bait & Switch, With Little Experience STAY AWAY

I was searching for a computer business in New York, actually in Manhattan to purchase a used laptop for one of my freelancers. I did a Google search and found NETtech PC Solutions.

I phoned from Los Angeles and negotiated a price with the owner of the store, Fred. My freelancer needed to replace her existing laptop and Fred told me about an IBM he had available and we agreeded on a price. I sent my freelancer in on her one hour subway trip to see the laptop telling her to look at all the laptops that were available and it turned out that the IBM was the only one NETtech PC Solutions had for sale. My freelancer left her old computer asking Fred if he could transfer her programs. Fred said that there was no way to transfer programs but would transfer her files and that she should come back the next day. I called Fred to tell him that there was a program that would allow transfer of programs called PC Mover by Laplink. I told him I trusted Laplink and had been dealing with them for about 12 years. Fred said he had only been in the computer business for five years. I did not feel very comforted by this as anyone in the computer business should know what is available especially with all the claims NETtech PC Solutions makes on their attractive website. I told Fred I would get him the program and he could transfer the files. Fred said he had already started the file transfer and I said fine, might as well finish it. 

Fred called my freelancer the next day as promised and my freelancer again took the one hour trip to NETtech PC Solutions. She verified that the computer worked, that she was able to go on the internet and do emails. The problem came when she was to pay for the IBM computer when Fred asked for nearly an additional hundred dollars. "But that was not told to us and was was never agreed to" she said. She got me on the phone and I spoke to Fred who said that it took hours to transfer the data from her old to her new computer. I said that he "had never told us that there would be an additional charge" and he said, get this, “you never asked.” I don't know what that means other than Fred and NETtech PC Solutions feel that it is fine to change an agreement without communication with the other party and to me that is a true 'bait and switch.'

So at the end of the day, no computer was purchased, my freelancer lost hours of her time going back and forth to NETtech PC Solutions, she still does not have a working computer and my time was wasted and I have to start the search all over again. When I do find a reputable computer dealer in New York that we deal with ethically, I will put a link to their article and website here.



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