mobiBLU B153 Digital Music Player

She said: The second one's dead, I'll never spend another dime on an iPod.

"We'll find something better," I replied.

The mobiBLU B153 is that something better.

For one thing, it will run about 150 hours between battery charges, which is almost as long as she does.

For another. it sounds great which, to be fair, is more important to me than to her. Even though she's the one listening to it, I'd hate knowing she was hearing low-fi music.

Thirdly, it's tiny (2.56 x 1.75 x 0.84 inches) and light (2.3 ounces), but retains enough control and display capability to make it easy for users to find and play things without nutting up.

Fourth, it incorporates a FM tuner (not that anyone listens to non-satellite radio any more) and, more importantly, a built-in mic that lets you record people lying to you while the only thing they see hanging on your bod is what they think is a music player.

Finally, it seems to be impervious to sweat and after hundreds of hours of bouncing around in her tit locker (a very narrow crevice between the state-of-the-art SoCal implants) on bikes, jogging trails, extreme exercise machines and two extended days of rappelling, it still works perfectly.

She does, I assume from the lack of a tan line, take it out and put it somewhere else when she's flirting with skin cancer at Club GE. And she doesn't use it at work because it would be kind of hard to hear it through the earbuds in a 80,000-watt club, but other than that she wears it most of the day, and it's already outlasted both iPods combined.

Depending on your listening interests, there are a lot of other things to like about the mobiBLU. It is, for example, the world's first Podcast Ready-enabled portable MP3 player. Podcasts, in case you don't know, can be anything from reruns of the half-century old radio version of Gunsmoke to recordings of somebody singing in the shower. The mobiBLU box includes software that enables a one-click subscription to and the ability to transfer podcast downloads to the B153.

Other audio attributes include the ability to record from the built-in FM turner or direct line-in sources, SRS WOW and TruBass sound reinforcement, a five-preset equalizer, and five play modes.

In addition to its recording and playing capability, the B153 can be used as a USB 2.0 mass storage device and contains a clock with timer functions.

The mobiBLU B153 is available in three flash-memory configurations: 512MB, 1GB and 2GB and a has really nice two-line Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display that allows you to select songs and navigate folders even in daylight.

Being a professional dancer, she's got a lot of music in her head and on her hard drive, so nothing less than the 2GB model, which holds about 1,000 moderate-resolution WMA or 500 MP3 tunes will do. (iPod refugees addicted to music encumbered with asinine "rights-management" restrictions will appreciate the fact that the mobiBLU player will handle WMA DRM files as well as "forever-free" WMA and MP3 content.)

What else can I tell you about this great player?

 Let's see ' you can change the playback tempo without making the vocalist sound like Alvin the Chipmunk (don't ask me why you'd want to), you can add bookmarks to recordings, you can have songs fade in and out, it will run on PCs and MACs, and the package is very complete, including not only a decent set of earbuds, but a USB and line-cable and a neck strap and a case.

 One other thing, you can get full information about the mobiBLU B153 at here.  





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