Jabra Headphones Review - Fine Features and Designed for Comfort

If you like zoning out from everything else when working out, Jabra Headphones offer great noise isolation and there's no Apple earpod-style leaking so you share the music with everyone else. If you can afford to spend the money on these headphones, they are some of the best wireless headphones Splash has taken for a run. Plus accurate heart-rate monitoring gives them even more appeal.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless have a perfect trick, for your health. They can monitor your heart rate through your ears. The water-resistant earbuds themselves look normal, but you will notice these are not your standard in-ears. On the left side is where all the heart-rate monitoring happens. If it's not properly positioned inside your inner ear then you won't find a connection.

We were happy how well the heart-rate monitoring works on the Pulse Wireless earphones. Once you've connected them to a phone using Bluetooth or NFC and set up the companion app, a voice prompt will let you know when the heart-rate sensor is tracking.  When training you are able to set targets based on standard things like distance, time and target calorie burn.  The heart-rate monitoring allows you to base sessions on pace, heart-rate training zones and interval training workouts.

The Pulse are definitely a minimal affair, the short, tangle-free cord is long enough to lie behind your neck, will not swing to get in your way. It has a small clip included to keep the cord raised. In calm, conditions, the Pulse doesn't wave too much, but when wind picks up the cable can reposition itself on your shoulder. Only in windy and rainy conditions, not really a problem in Southern California, did we have any problems with the buds moving slightly.

Outside of the left earbud is a handy Sport button. While the app is running, a quick press on the Sport button will give you an update on progress, including distance, time, heart rate and other useful tracking metrics. That is a wonderful feature for when you cannot reach into your pocket or look over at your armband.

Over the right earbud where the micro USB charging port is neatly concealed beneath a Silicone rubber hook that seems like it would be a problem but we found it doesn't budge.

Jabra Corporation has among its roots the Norcom Electronics Corporation, a Utah corporation founded in 1983 by inventor Elwood "Woody" Norris.  Norcom engaged in ear-radio and ear-microphone technologies. The next year American Technology Corporation (ATC), acquired Norcom Electronics and sold it to Norris Communications, Inc. (NCI), 1988. NCI then spun off the assets of Norcom earphone to Jabra Corporation in 1993. The first to develop the in-ear integrated microphone and speaker, Jabra invented and patented EarGels ©. Next Jabra developed DSP based echo and noise cancellation technologies. By 1996 the company acquired operations in Scotland which lead to its push into Bluetooth technology. Jabra Corporation was acquired by GN Netcom, a division of the Danish company GN Great Nordic in September 2000.

Jabra delivers a great performing pair of sports headphones. The heart-rate monitoring makes them great for runners, anyone working out or really anyone who want fewer cables, excellent sound and more useful tracking data.


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