iFIX New York & QuickFIX Review - Awesome Computer Repair in Manhattan


I found myself in an unfamiliar city with a broken computer and no idea what to do next. After several unsuccessful attempts to find help and one encounter with an unsavory repair facility. I got lucky and found "iFIX New York" - www.iFIXny.com  and their other repair center "QuickFIX" - www.QuickFIXNY.com. I found their expert service to be efficient, professional, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. Here's my story:

Picture yourself in a strange city cut off from the familiar sights, sounds, places and people. Grateful that at least you are living in the 21st century and just a ‘virtual’ touch away from those you love and the information you need to function in this fast paced cyber world we live in. Until BAM the unexpected, the unforeseen occurs and your computer dies, leaving you literally out of touch with the world. Seeming to catapult you back *gasp* to the 20th century, into that harsh hollow time before high speed internet and laptops. The time when you were lucky to have a desktop and maybe dial-up, when you might even have to go the library to borrow a computer with internet access in 15 minute increments.



It sounds like some horror story Stephen King might write. But this my friend is a real story and it happened to yours truly.  Alone in the big city also known as New York City, referred to  by those in the know as Manhattan, I lived this scenario.  I was on my computer blissfully looking up subway directions when I heard a clickety, click, click, CLUNK, sound coming from the keyboard. The screen went blank and my trusty 6 year old Averatec shut down.  My heart dropped as I starred at the black computer screen and I desperately pushed the power button.  I was relieved as it powered back on. I shook off the dread and went back to re-create my internet search.  At first it seemed as though everything was OK but then I tried typing a word with the letter “L” and nothing happened. I tried again and still nothing. I had no letter “L”!  I was upset but quickly figured out a way around this newest computer quirk. I did after all have spell check and it was fairly easy to turn the word “etter” into “letter” with just a few mouse clicks. I also had the ability to cut and paste a letter “L” from another document on to the one I was writing. So it slowed me down but I was able to manage.  Annoying? Yes.  But the crisis was averted. Or so I thought.

Then my baby “Obsidian”, yes I name my computers, began to shut off wily, nily, with no warning, and for no apparent reason.  For maybe another week or so I was able to semi- function by using: spell check, cut & paste, and turning it back on after it died. Then good old “Obsidian” began to die so frequently I couldn’t get anything done and I was plunged into a computer less, world out of touch it seemed with everything. After a  few calls of my bemoaning how I couldn’t do anything and didn’t have the money for a new computer my Publisher took pity on me and on his handy dandy super fast computer found me a solution in the form of “iFIX  New York” a computer repair service and sales company.  “iFIX New York”  and their partner  location “QuickFIX” are both located in Manhattan.  “QuickFIX” is on 5th ave and 34th street and “iFIX New York” is on the upper  east side on 77th.


We called and made arrangements for me to take my computer into the 5th ave location and see Chin. I arrived and met with Chin. I showed him my computer and told him about the recent problems which were plaguing me as well as older ones I had been living with like speed issues and overheating. My computer was in the habit of moving as slowly and laboriously as the dinosaur that it was. He told me I needed a new keyboard and that he would do what he could for my babies’ issues like dying and overheating.  As for the speed and memory he could restore it to what it was when I first got the computer. However his hands were tied when it came to bringing it completely up to date because it was over 6 years old and let’s face it in the computer world that makes it practically obsolete. Of course he was much more P.C. about my PC and broke the news to me very kindly. While we were commiserating and planning the rebirth of my “Obsidian”, my cell phone battery in its typical fashion was dying and I asked if he didn’t happen to have a charger, I could borrow so I could juice it up a little before I braved my way into the city. Of course the answer was yes, because they don’t just specialize in computer repairs of laptops and desktops, they repair and refurbish phones, mobile devices, including htc, blackberrys, ipods and ipads. To top it off they also specialize in data recovery. While I was waiting to get a little charge on my phone, a man came in who sheepishly said something to the extent of well your repair on my phone was great but I just dropped it and shattered the screen can you help? Of course the answer was again, yes.  


I am learning to be a New Yorker and so I began to be impatient with my phone not charging as fast as I wished it would. Chin took it from me and immediately diagnosed I had too many apps using up to much memory and they were draining my battery prematurely. He helped me close down and get rid of some that I didn’t need with the promise of a longer battery life.

As for my computer “Obsidian” I am patiently waiting for it to be repaired.  After my dealings with Chin I am confident that my baby will come back to me as good as new.  I’ll keep you posted just as soon as I get my good old dinosaur back in my hot little hands. In the mean time, I absolutely recommend to any of my “fellow” New Yorkers with woebegone stories such as myself to think twice about going out and buying something new when there are miracle workers such as “iFIX New York” and “QuickFIX” around who can revitalize and restore your “babies” to you.




iFIX New York

247 E 77th Street, 

(Between 2nd Ave. & 3rd Ave.)

New York, NY 10075

Phone: (212) 933-4440

Email: [email protected] 


QuickFIX Inc.Repair Services

347 5th Ave Suite 310 (3rd floor)

(Between 33rd St. & 34th St.)

New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 933-4440

Email: [email protected] 


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