Evi App - The Answer to all of Your Questions

How would you like to have a personal assistant in your back pocket? Well now you can have one in your phone and take your personal assistant wherever you go and that is Evi. Evi is a new app that will give you advice and will be at your side whenever and wherever you need her.


Evi lives in your smart phone, iPad, iPod or tablet.  She’s the app that appreciates all you do for your family. You have questions she has answers.  Evi, “ it’s raining what can I do with my kids?”  She’ll give you a cool list of rainy day projects and activities. Evi, “I need some kid friendly recipes," voila, she’ll give you a list of mouth watering meals you and your kids can cook up. Tell Evi you're stressed, Evi serves of tons of ways to relax with pictures that show you how. She'll help you navigate your day,and who doesn't need some personal GPS.

Another Evi plus is she’s a free app on all Android phones and tablets, for Apple devices a mere .99 cents. Why clutter up your phone’s memory and drain the battery with apps you’ll maybe use once when you can have the power of Evi at your fingertips. She’s the one app that does it all.  She’s brand new, and just like your kids is learning new info everyday.  She knows billions of facts already and keeps growing.

You can see Evi in action in this video where she shows off her capabilities: http://bit.ly/evi-videoEvi can be downloaded for free in the Android Marketplace (http://bit.ly/evi-android) and in the iTunes App Store (http://bit.ly/evi-itunes), where a US $0.99.

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