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Digitech Solutions, Inc was my random find in the list of locations for IT services when my laptop gave up on me just as I needed it most. I had no other point of reference in my search since I hadn’t required such service in a good while. I could buy a new laptop but would that be the most sustainable option? Are there ways to bring a computer back from the black screen of death? I investigated via internet search.  YouTube had video suggestions but nothing worked. And of course, my laptop was fresh out of an extended warranty period.  So after I concluded that I did not need an upgrade, I researched if I could get professional help for my computer problem.

With new computer upgrades coming out almost daily I was left with a dilemma.  I had a laptop assailed by the black screen of death and a need for the utility it gave me. Yet, as an avid environmentalist I am concerned with the huge amount of e-waste originating from this city. What alternatives could I find that are not as detrimental to human and environmental health? 

Well, after a quick search I came up with a list of possible repair shops and experts.  But what was the best one to use? A difficult issue at the best of times but after calling Digitech Solutions,Inc. I was very impressed with the way this company presented itself. The first surprise – after having left a voice message on their message service, I received a call back within no more than three minutes. The issue was assessed thoroughly in just as long a time and I was advised to bring my laptop in for full repair and recovery. And within the few days that it took to revive it, the people with whom I worked at Digitech reinstated my trust in this sort of small business service. Professionalism, surprising promptness and courtesy are words that come to mind. 

Digitech Solutions, Inc offers a large foray of services in the technology field: expert IT consultancy at every level; data recovery services and computer repair for both Mac and PC; technological services in Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Migration; customized solutions for server and computer maintenance services; top level website development and designing services; networking solutions for residential and business utility; video production and as of late every level of closed circuit camera and surveillance systems and service, that promise performance at competitive prices. Along with highly updated technology, expertly skilled technicians will offer tailored solutions to your particular set of needs and problems.

As an item of latest expertise, Digitech’s offering of the state-of-the-art 3VR Hybrid Network Video Surveillance Systems along with full installation, software management, training and servicing, makes them a stand out head above the shoulders from similar technology companies. 

I am utterly comforted by the thought that Digitech will have our back, so to speak, with any technical issues we may encounter in the future. Also looking forward to their expert work in the repair of the publisher's laptop fan. I promise to make additions here, accounting the next experience.

Digitech Solutions, Inc. is located at 111 W 7th street, Los Angeles, CA 90014, Main/7th.

Do call them at 213-537-0317. I recommend their services with confidence.


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