CyberYenta's Yenta Centa - Put It In Writing

(Ann and Abbie have solved problems in print for many people over many years.  Now Splash Worldwide Magazines introduces our wonderful cyber problem solver.  Readers- meet our very own Cyber Yenta, Rachel Levine. Please send cyber questions her way ([email protected])  and watch for terrific advice each month.)



What is a "CyberYenta?"  A busybody  If not for her, how would you know what was going on?  Everything and everybody is her business. What good is a yenta in the “Cyber Age?"  Just because so much information is available to us doesn't mean we know what the heck to make of it! So, it turns out that in times like these we need a yenta more than ever before.


But what can I do for you?  Don't be such a big shot.  You think I would have a whole column to myself if I didn't know a little something?  I have big clients who pay me a nice a few shekels for my advice, by the way.


So, starting today, feel free to send me your questions and confusions about anything and everything about living in the Cyber Age to [email protected].   If I'm not too busy, I'll give a little response. Or else I'll ignore you and have a nice cup of tea and some pound cake.

 (What, you think I just sit around waiting to hear from you?)


Dear CyberYenta, 

A friend recently offered to sell me her 3 year old computer for a reasonable price. She guaranteed me that it worked perfectly. I asked that she put it in writing and she became irate. She said I should trust her because she's a friend.  What do you think?                      

     This whole business with putting things in writing goes way back. Much further back even than your bubbie or my bubbie. The first human in history to say “Put it in writing,” was Moses. And who was he talking to? God. You think it was enough for Moses that he climbed a mountain and God spoke to him and told him what to do? No. God had to put it in writing or Moses would have walked away from the whole deal. Because he knew no one would believe him if came down from the mountain all excited and said:

“A guy who has no name and who you can't even see told me to tell you....”

So what do you think? God realized Moses had a point and not only did He write it all down, He etched it in stone also. And that's why we have the Ten Commandments.   

So tell your friend that even though God had to etch it in stone, because she's a friend, from her you'll accept paper.                                                        


 Dear CyberYenta,

 How will I know when my PC is obsolete?                                                                

     It will let out a big sigh, loosen its girdle and say, “I think I'll make myself comfortable and lie down for a little while.”  


Rachel Levine aka CyberYenta


 "Everyone  complains that the yenta is a yenta, but they want to hear what she says."

                                                                                                        --Old Yiddish Expression



art work:Debbie Young                                                        photo courtesy of: Rachel Levine

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