BNY Tech Review – Fast, Professional, Knowledgeable Computer Fixes

Let’s lead into this story saying how good it is to have a qualified friend in the computer business. And that is exactly what you get when working with BNY Tech.



I recently had an unwelcomed vacation from technology when my laptop would no longer take a charge. I was totally paralyzed without my computer. As luck would have it, I happened to be visiting the New Yorker Hotel on the 12th floor and as I stepped out of the elevator I came across a big sign advertising BNY Tech - experts in computer and phone repairs.



Upon doing some research I found out that BNY Tech offers certified Microsoft technicians. They have expertise in all areas of technology, and they offer better than competitive prices. Basically, they do it all: laptop repairs, PC and Mac repairs, phones and iphone repairs, projectors, data recovery, computer crashes, viruses, hardware and software upgrades and fixes. If it’s broken they will find a solution. BNY Tech services offers 24/7 support in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island and they will even send a technician out to you. They were also featured as a City Search ‘Best Of’ selection in 2010.

The next day, computer in hand, I went knocking on their door, begging for help. I entered their workspace filled to the rim with computers, projectors, phones and all manner of technology. After telling my woes to the technician, I left my life in the hands of my soon to be heroes. In no time at all I got a call saying the power cord slot was broken and it needed to be repaired. But that was not all, my hard drive was shot, which explained all the trouble I had been going through.  Now the power cord slot was an easy fix, but I needed a new hard drive or I ran the risk of permanently losing all my data.

I did what I always do whenever I have a computer question and called my tech guru who runs our Technology Sections. He told me to hang tight and he would see what he could do about a new hard drive. He called me back telling me that he had ordered from Seagate a new hybrid drive, their Seagate® Laptop Thin SSHD which was 5 times faster and had more space than my previous hard drive. 



A day later my hard drive arrived. It’s been a long time since I was so happy to have a package delivered. I grabbed it and headed into BNY Tech. After dropping my hard drive off, I found myself relaxed and able to breathe once more, as I was on my way back to work and to the 21st century. The next day I got the call I was waiting for saying my computer was ready to be picked up. It turns out that even with the new hard drive it wasn’t the easiest of fixes. My old drive was so gone that the images were not appearing and in lesser hands I would have lost all my data. The professionals at BNY Tech were able to fix my power cord slot, save my data and install my new hard drive. Now I have a computer that functions much better than it had in ages. I feel very lucky to have found BNY Tech. Their quick work, knowledge and expertise proved invaluable to me. 



I’ve had my computer back for a few days and am thrilled to say that it is running better than it has in a very long time. The power cord is snugly held in place and it is charging perfectly. The new hard drive is huge with oodles of space left, it is running perfectly.  I also had them install more RAM so the programs are much faster than it they have ever been.  It is like having a brand new computer at half the cost.  



BNY Tech really came through for me. Their work was efficient, fast, professional and knowledgeable.   The next time you are in need of something as minor as a cracked phone screen or major such as a crashed hard drive. Give them a try, they won’t disappoint.

BNY Tech

481 8th Ave #1207

New York, NY 10001

(212) 244-1844


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