Alienware CE-IV MP3/WMA Player Review

Alienware's new CE-IV (Close Encounters-Fourth Kind) digital audio player boasts the unique alien-inspired design the company is known for and delivers superior sound quality that's out of this world.  Enjoy easy, take-anywhere access to all your favorite MP3/WMA songs and Audible files with the Alienware CE-IV (Close Encounter of the 4th Kind). As the first digital audio player in the United States to feature SRS WOW HD™ technology, the CE-IV allows you to encounter a remarkably enhanced level of portable audio.

The Hub and CE-IV

The CE-IV is a great small, portable MP3 player.  This is lighter than the average MP3 player on the market today. This unit comes with a radio tuner, an available SD memory card slot allows even more storage and noise canceling earbuds.  While the CE-IV boasts a large number of quality features, the only one really missing is a list function.  With a 1GB drive and an SD expansion slot, the CE-IV needs a means of quickly navigating through the loaded songs.

The design of the player follows Alienware's unique style.  While most company's are mimicking Apple's sleek iPod design, Alienware went their own way.  The CE-IV has an octagonal shape common to many alien artifact mythos.  They work their logo into a glowing eyed button as the center of the player.  The Hub has a uniquely alien look that I find fun.

Alienware's new line of CE-IV digital audio players give you easy access to all your favorite songs in MP3 and WMA formats anywhere and anytime. Each CE-IV player:
    * Is available with your choice of either 512MB or 1GB of built-in memory.
    * SRS WOW HD Represents the first digital audio player in the United States to feature SRS WOW HD™, which provides a treble control for a cleaner, crisper listening experience of high frequency sounds. WOW HD also features improved TruBass technology, providing an even richer, more superior bass sound enhancement to digitally compressed music, even through the smallest of ear buds!

    * Includes Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology so you can easily download and listen to songs from the top online music download sites.
    * Secure Digital Provides an SD™/MMC memory expansion slot that allows you to pack even more music into the player.
    * Lets you listen to your favorite stations at the push of a button with a digital tune FM stereo radio with station presets.
    * Features a graphic LCD display with ID3 compatibility that shows artist and track info.
    * Makes great music sound even better thanks to a multi-preset EQ.
    * Stylishly showcases unique design elements such as Alienware's alien head logo with glowing eyes.
    * Is sleek and lightweight, measuring 3.1 x 2 x 0.7 inches and weighing in at just 1.3 ounces.
    * Alienware CE-IV Ear Buds Is packaged with special Alienware noise-reduction earbuds that filter out unwanted background noise and let you crank up the music without disrupting those around you.
    * Will be available with a fully integrated HUB Docking Sound System. The HUB is loaded with a bottom-firing subwoofer and variable bass control and gives you the flexibility to connect virtually any audio device.

The HUB Docking Sound System
Alineware HUB
Simply connect your Alienware CE-IV digital audio player or virtually any other audio device to the HUB docking sound system and get ready to hear your favorite tracks like never before. The HUB is loaded with a bottom-firing subwoofer, variable bass control, and SRS WOW™ technology to make your music sound better than ever.

    * Support for virtually all digital audio players and other audio devices
    * SRS WOW SRS WOW™ with controls for TruBass, Focus, and 3D
    * 2.1 Channel Sound
    * Stereo speakers plus bottom-firing subwoofer
    * 30W RMS output power
    * Electronic volume control
    * Headphone jack
    * Auxiliary input
    * A/V line output
    * Remote control (battery included) to let you control the HUB from across the room
    * 3-way power: AC/DC/batteries
    * Accessories include: AC adapter and desktop cradle

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