You can take it in the bath with you too!!

Uniden's WXI377 submersible cordless phone may be a little pricier ($60) than most bare-bones 900MHz models, whether you live on a houseboat or just spend a lot of time near the kids' wading pool, a floating, water-resistant phone comes in handy for many families.

Most people probably won't get to excited over the WXI377's loud black-and-yellow color, but it comes in handy if you use the phone outdoors a lot since it's easy to spot against most backgrounds. The Uniden WXI377 is shorter and wider than most other cordless models I've seen, but I think this wide stature, paired with the phone's ribbed rubberized sides, makes it easier to hold on to even when wet. My one complaint is that the WXI377's buttons are small and closely spaced, resulting in the occasional misdial--something I think could be avoided, considering the handset's size.

Doing the back stroke

The WXI377 doesn't hold back on features, though given its list price; I wish it included an answering system. The coolest feature by far is that the phone is water resistant; it meets industry-standard JIS7 specs, which means you can submerge it to a depth of three feet for up to 30 minutes. Plus, the WXI377 is neutrally buoyant, so if you drop it in the pool, it won't sink to the bottom, but it will stay just under the waterline. I let our test model hang out in the spa for 10 minutes and found it floating and in working order upon my return. Other features include a three-line backlit LCD, a belt clip, caller ID capability (if you subscribe to this through your local service), memory dialing for up to 10 numbers, and Rocket Dial, a nifty feature that lets you call the most frequently used number with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, a speakerphone did not make the list. The phone is compatible with most hearing aids and includes a one-year warranty covering parts and service. 

Taking a swim!

This reviewer was impressed with the performance of the WXI377 in my tests. The phone had decent range, working farther away from the base station than many other 900MHz phones. Plus, I experienced minimal breakup, which is important since most people will probably use the WXI377 outdoors. Finally, the phone's battery life is first-class; it exceeded the rated talk time of 7 hours by about 2 hours, and it came in just under its rated standby time of 14 hours.

If you are looking for a phone that can handle being outside all day every day for the Summer, and not have to worry about being an Olympic sprinter just to receive your calls because it is twenty feet away from the pool. This is the phone you need to go and check out.

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