Wind 'N Go - Britelight LED Flashlight

No power?  No problem. 

This amazing new flashlight gears up in a minute.  Literally.  No replaceable batteries, no plugs, no worries.  Simply turn the crank in either direction for sixty seconds and you're ready to go. 

Each charge provides 45 minutes to an hour of light (low versus high power), and I can attest, this thing is bright.  As I was fiddling around with the Britelight, I accidentally wound up with the beam in my eyes.  I'm still seeing floaters a half hour later thanks to the 20,000 MCD illumination and advanced focused lens. 

For its modest $19.95 pricetag, it seems to me everyone should have (at least) one of these.  Cases of six are available for families, schools, groups and the like.  Indispensable in the case of an emergency, the Wind 'N Go is also ideal for camping, hiking, boating, auto, and everyday home use. 

The Wind 'N Go contains a lifetime rechargeable battery, but all you have to worry about is winding the arm every so often.  With normal use, the battery can be charged 500 times, and last more than ten years.  That's dependability, and ultimately, a money saver.  No AA batteries to change here. 

Each unit includes a slick carrying case that can be worn on your belt, displayed on a counter, or hung on a peg.  The flashlight features a wrist strap so it doesn't get dropped while you're working, fixing a flat, or looking for a lost cat.  

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