Visoneer Strobe XP 200 Scanner

You wouldn't notice the XP 200 was on your desk, if you didn't use it every day. Fitting snuggly next to your keyboard, this pint-sized sheet-fed scanner measures just 2 by 2.5 by 11 inches, yet it makes itself indispensable thanks to a wide variety of scanning options available at the touch of a single button.

Strobe XP 200

Visioneer's AutoLaunch and OneTouch software work together to keep you easily organized by automatically sending your scanned images-business cards, letters, articles, or documents--directly to any application in your system with a Paper Port link. Once you press the scanner's button, just choose where you want your image sent, and whether you want it monochrome or black and white everything else is taken care of.

It handles documents in seconds

All scans receive a smooth, nicely detailed 600 dpi resolution with either 48-bit color or 18-bit grayscale. The scanner includes a USB cable, along with all necessary drivers; it's compatible only with Windows 98 or higher. Visioneer provides a one-year warranty covering parts and service.
First, this is not the best choice for perfect scans of photos or fragile documents. It does a perfectly adequate job with snapshots and newspaper clippings, an exceptional job with color or B/W letter-size material. It scans for filing/fax, OCR or color images, up to 600 DPI.
If you are careful, you can easily feed sheets into this device without trouble. Be patient. It has an included software application that allows scanning multiple successive sheets to one document, for convenience...but you can separate the pages later! Cool. Or you can group different scans to one document later.

The image editing software is pretty good. Why? you ask. Because it has a great selection of tools while not being overly complicated to use. You can use it as a desktop-type filing system too.

Some versions of the "Paperport" software export scans to PDF! If you understand what that means, you'll jump for joy.

But you know where the Strobe really excels? You can quickly scan a document, drag it to Word and have about 95% immediately recognized as an editable Word file. Very little re-typing. How many times do you need some information IN your computer at school or work that exists only in a printed form? Wow! And you did this in about 30 seconds...

The Strobe is not perfect, but it does many jobs well enough to overlook that it is not the best solution of any ONE job. But it's the 90% solution for a ton of jobs! Buy it. You will not regret it.

If you would like to find out more about the Strope XP 200 and other great Visioneer products you can visit thier website at:

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