Verizon Wireless Aircard 595 Review - Internet Wherever You Go!

Verizon's Aircard 595

Ever wanted to use the internet on your laptop everywhere you go? I did and now I’ve got the Verizon Wireless Aircard 595. Anywhere you can get cell phone service you can connect your laptop to high speed broadband internet. No more looking for hotspots that will charge you fifteen dollars a day to connect or searching for nearby WiFi is that is all secured and wont let you connect. With this card and Verizon's broadband high speed internet you can avoid these aggervations and have internet everywhere you go.

I can check social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook in the backyard, play online games like World of Warcraft in the park, and watch online videos like YouTube on the beach.  It takes only about 6 secs to load a webpage, it's fast enough to play games, and it's completely portable to take anywhere and everywhere. The Verizon Aircard 595 also will let you take care of business like instantly download presentations, have a fast and secure connection to your work VPN, and be able to video conferencing.

It comes bundled with VZAccess Manager that is easy to install and use. Just stick the card into the slot on the side of your laptop, run the software, and you’re on the internet. It lets you easily switch between Verizon’s Broadband internet and your wireless router anytime you want. The software even keeps track of the times you are connected, what connection you’re using, and your IP each time you’re online. I had no problems using the software to connect.

You don’t have to worry about breaking off the antenna. This laptop card uses a new more efficient and receptive antenna that is built in. The new antenna also lets you establish a connection where you only get a low signal. There are no moving parts so it’s eok to accidently drop,  it doesn’t stick out much like usb dongles do, and it is ultra slim. You can put your laptop in the bag with the Aircard 595 still in without having to worry that much. It’s made with high strength plastic to keep the weight low and durability high. It also comes with a spot to attach an external antenna but with Verizon’s amazing coverage the normal user wont need it.

The card accesses Verizon’s BroadbandAccess EV-DO Rev A giving it a peak of 3.1 Mbps download and 1.8 Mbps upload. It also connects to EV-DO Rev 0, and CDMA 1x in case Rev A is unavailable.   The card is 130mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 13mm (H) and weighs 54 grams. The card and software is supported by Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Mac OS X is not currently supported by Verizon. The card is made by Sierra Wireless for Verizon Wireless. Standard access is $59.99 a month with a two year agreement for unlimited instant internet access.

Verizon Wireless is known for having the best coverage. This also includes an amazing BroadbandAccess coverage. They are currently in over 240 markets with high speed broadband  internet access.  While examining the Los Angeles coverage map, the city and the entire greater area were completely covered with broadband connection with no empty spots.

With the Verizon Aircard 595 you can easily replace your entire home LAN. There is no need to get dsl that requires a phone line. If you get Verizon Broadband you get internet not only at home but everywhere you go. It is a great choice if you’re living alone and for the person on the go.

The Verizon Aircard 595 can be obtained from

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