The beauty of cordless...nothing to trip over!!

Convenience and comfort. That's what Logitech had in mind when they set off to design the Cordless Navigator Duo package. A full

function USB and/or PS/2 connectable cordless keyboard and cordless mouse that is compatible on both Windows and Mac platforms make up this impressive set-up.

The simple USB plug-and-play made it way too easy for someone who has grown accustomed to fiddling with the most basic of consumer products for hours on end before realizing the 'right' way. Took it out of the box, plugged it in, and within less than 15 minutes, I was ready to go. And here I am, still going…

The zero-degree tilt keyboard was designed with proper posture and comfort as a top priority. It felt natural, it felt right, there wasn't a moment in the 4 or so hours that I have been using this thing that I felt I needed a break. In addition to it's comfort, the features are packed in. Enhanced function keys include one-click access to email (with additional single click buttons for new message, reply, forward, send, print, and more), instant messenger and/or SMS service, your webcam, shopping, your homepage, your computer, your pictures folder, your documents foler, and your music folder. Full function media player keys are also conveniently located at the top center of the keyboard. You get play, pause, forward, rewind, stop, volume, and media search.

In addition to the two standard mouse buttons (left and right click), this cordless mouse also includes a scroll button for easy navigation across websites as well as your favorite programs.

The only thing missing is a guitar style neck-strap.

Though this product will suit the needs and desires of both hardcore computer users as well as the occasional 'maybe I'll check my email today' crowd, I have a few criticisms that stem only from personal preference. I'm still waiting for the 'quiet-keyboard', the one that I could use once all around me are asleep and I've got the world to myself. I don't want to take the chance of waking them up for both their benefit and mine, but a constant tap of the keys on the keyboard make this quite difficult. There's got to be a way to make this softer.

But again, that was personal preference only. I'm certain most people don't really care or haven't really thought about it before, so don't let me negatively influence your decision on these products. They're absolutely wonderful. It's just me. I mean, call me a freak, but I also don't like guacamole…

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