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The Boom: Noise Canceling, Voice Enhancing Headset for Your Phone

By Robert California

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Driving the freeways with the top down and the stereo kicked up is an essential element of the California experience. So when the cell phone rings, what am I supposed to do? Put up the top and turn off the tunes? Forget it. It's easier and more satisfying to get The Boom, a noise-cancelling, voice-enhancing headset from UmeVoice, in Novato, California.

Made so you can talk even in the loudest enviroments

The little device weighs less than an ounce, and fits in either of your ears with a precision and comfort that can only be called ergonomic. With a few seconds of pushing and prodding on its high quality magnesium and skeletized rubber parts, you can reshape the device so its speaker is perfectly positioned at the entrance to your ear canal, and the mike is within an inch of your lips. It stays right there because a spiffy rear stablizer keeps The Boom firmly anchored in place. It's good that it's so comfortable, because The Boom is a little inconvenient to slip on and off too often.

Made witha light design for comfort

Once connected to your phone, The Boom's patented technology separates the sound of your voice from all the confusing background noise -- whether it's from honking 18-wheelers or general road noise and 80 mph wind coming over the windshield -- and stops the sound effects from going out over the telephone. The result, the person on the other end of the line has no idea whether you're wheeling down the freeway, hobnobbing at Boa on the Strip, or sitting in your private office.

Even better, you don't have to shout to be heard over all the background noise. You can talk normally, or even whisper, and The Boom amplifies your voice to a conversational level on the phone line. This is great when you're trying to do business at a busy watering hole without revealing trade secrets to whoever is leaning your way at the next table. The headset doesn't do as much to help you hear the incoming voice, but optimum positioning of the high-quality, high-volume speaker next to your ear makes the best of a bad situation. Right now, the only way to hear incoming sounds better in a noisy environment is to wear an ear-covering headset that isolates you from all the people and events around you (which UmeVoice also makes, if you're interested).

The technology in The Boom was originally developed for Wall Street, where accurate voice recognition systems for floor traders depended on ignoring the shouts of other traders so the computer could hear and interpret the correct voice information. Later it was applied to headsets for racecar drivers and military pilots. Now this same processing capability has been miniaturized and adapted for everyday use as a telephone headset.

Delivered with two jacks that will fit the majority of cell phones on the market, The Boom accepts a variety of hardware adapters so you can use it with more esoteric cell phones, as well as land lines.

The Boom lists for $149.99, and comes with a 30 day Money Back Gurantee and a one year Manufacturer's Warranty. You can order it direct from the manufacturer at: http://www.theboom.com/own_theboom_order.html

For more information, contact UmeVoice at 888-230-3300, or [email protected]

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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