T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t - Review

Using T-Mobile's BlackBerry 7105t has been a learning experience' I've never owned anything quite like it before, so I was able to truly get a new user's feel of the unit. I knew that BlackBerries traditionally boasted great features and functioned as a kind of 'Jack-of-all-Trades' mobile device, but I definitely wasn't prepared for what this little unit had in store for me. The T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t is very much fun and functional, useful for both business and personal application.

A shot-by-shot comparison of the 7100t (left), and the 7105t (right). The 7105t upgrades from the 7100t with contoured buttons, and larger "Send" and "End" keys.

The BlackBerry's design is small and almost retro in design, but still visually appealing. It's not large and bulky like other BlackBerry units, though; this little gadget looks just like a standard handheld cell phone! The screen is also large enough so that you're not squinting when trying to navigate the different programs and options, and its colors are bright, vivid and easy on the eyes' something that comes in mighty handy when you're in a hurry and need to look at something quickly. The 7105t boasts Bluetooth utility and quad-band capability (for those that travel internationally). It also allows users to check email from their POP3 email accounts as well as their official business email accounts. This means Yahoo! Mail (and other online email services using POP3) can be programmed into the BlackBerry for mobile inbox convenience.

The QWERTY SureType™ keyboard is fantastic at guessing what word you're looking to type, making email composition swift and easy; in addition, the BlackBerry's internet browser is extremely easy to use, making first-time users comfortable and proficient with the 7105t. Messenger applications are also included in the 7105t, allowing for MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL Instant Messenger usage. To be honest, text messaging was a little strange for me at first, but once I got used to the keyboard's layout, I absolutely loved having my family and friends available for chatting at my fingertips, even if I was at school or at work. It's definitely one of the 7105t's shiniest applications.

The 7105t's instant messaging capabilities are fabulous once you get the hang of using the keyboard.

Other (most often standard) options on the 7105t include games, an organizer that offers PC-synchronization, an address book, and an easy-to-navigate 12 icon desktop. As a multi-use product, the BlackBerry does well in that it covers its bases nicely; however, as a phone (which is obviously a huge part of this BlackBerry's appeal), it finds itself lacking. If you're primarily going to be using your 7105t in crowded, noisy areas, make sure you've got some sharp hearing and lots of patience. The incoming sound isn't exactly crystal clear, and oftentimes much too quiet for public usage. Its speakerphone option carries on this issue, making incoming calls static-like and diluted, even in the best service areas.

Overall, the T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t is a great renaissance gadget, offering a competent selection of applications, functions, and options for the average cell phone user. I'd say it registers average to good marks across the boards with excellent scores in email and messaging. Again, the sound quality of the phone function isn't the best, but if you're looking for a wide variety of applications and a great beginner's learning curve (for those new to the BlackBerry universe), the 7105t will definitely do the job.

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