Sprint Katana Phone Review: Katana vs RAZR

Ever since the RAZR hit the market, every cell phone company on the planet has been racing to develop a competing sleek phone of there own. As Sprint is no different, they have introduced the Katana- an ultra thin phone with a stylish quality and digital capabilities.

The Katana is Sprint's answer to providing its clientele with a phone that is both sleek and tiny, yet, still has all the features that any American on the go must have. It doesn't quite equate to a RAZR, however, being that the shell of the phone is plastic and not alloy (which takes away from the phone's style) and the sound quality of the phone tends to be a little harsh on high-volume or speaker phone. Yet, the phone is certainly a good buy. At just $129.99 (after rebate), this phone is still something to flaunt.

The Katana has an ultra thin frame (3.9'x 2.0'x 0.6') with a clamshell design and weights only 3.4oz. It still has all the digital capabilities you'd expect from a Sprint phone including Bluetooth and PCS. Additionally, it has added the ability for its users to transfer addresses and use the Katana as a dial-up modem, which is rare, but not on heard of, in the cellular world. Its digital camera, on the other hand, may be one of the best on the market with its ability to capture high-res images up to 480 x 680 pixels large with zoom and file share capabilities. The images that are displayed on this large 320x240 pixel look as good as if it were taken with an actual camera. Believe it or not, this phone may actually come with a camera you will want to use.

Katana (left) and RAZR (right)

Sprint has definitely chosen to pay close attention correcting many of those little cellular irritations when developing the Katana. For example, I was very impressed by the plastic covers around the side volume controls and camera buttons to prevent accidental activation. This may seem like a trivial addition, but I personally appreciate the fact that Sprint has spent some much brainpower to insure my phone is as problem-free as possible. There is nothing more annoying than having to shut your camera off in the middle of a phone interview and now, with the Katana, I no longer have to worry about these little frustrations. The Katana also has little rubber bumps on the bottom so that it doesn't slide off tables as easily and allows for your ringer to be heard from a greater distance.

With four stylish colors to choose from (mystic black, blue sapphire, cherry blossom pink or white) the Sprint Katana is not a bad deal. It gives you all the options and features you need from a cell phone these days (a high-res screen, good gaming capabilities, high-speed data transfer and 3.6 hrs of continuous-talk battery life). Additionally, because this is a Sprint phone, you will also have the ability to- get this- make phone calls! It is not, however, a substitute for the RAZR- which means that it lacks both the RAZR's brag appeal and overall sophistication of style- but it is still a damn good phone. At about $100 cheaper than the RAZR, Katana's user-friendly design and exceptional camera quality is enough to justify upgrading. Besides, isn't it time you had a phone that didn't come free with activation?

For more information or to purchase this product, please visit the website at www.sprint.com

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