Phillips Electronics Review - High Tech & Affordable

I had the pleasure of viewing Phillips new line of state-of-the-art electronics recently in the Penthouse of the W Hotel. The suite was laid out with the newest line of high-tech electronics from Phillips, from baby care monitors to room enhancement lighting, to clip-on laptop speakers to Blue-Ray DVD technology. The sales people were bright and knowledgeable and led me around explaining the specs of each device and how they work. The product line is not only beautiful from a design standpoint, but is streamlined and funtional to the point where you almost feel as though you can't live without it.

Phillips and Swarovski have created what they call Active Crystals which are not only fashionable pieces of jewelry, but conceal USB Memory keys as well. There are several options including the Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light shaped pendant with a highly polished heart shaped silver metal decorated with sparkling pink crystal. Or the new USB Lock Out Hematite memory keys and it's companion, the Space Jet Hematite in-ear headphones, provide practicality and flexibility in a luxurious and stylish design. There is also the Space Violet, a faceted soft violet crystal moulded into the silver metal of headphones fitted to the ear. These jeweled accessories are the ultimate gift for smart and fashionable women.

Phillips is also leading the way in enegy conservation by creating products that actually use less energy. One such product, is the  television that uses less electricity by automatically dimming or brightening, depending on the existing light in the room. Phillips Lighting's Energy Saver Soft White PLuss compact flourescent bulbs (CGL), combine smart technology with innovative design to produce high quality, energy efficient bright lighting that lasts up to thirteen times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Helping consumers to reduce energy consumption, save money and support the environment all at once.

Black is mostly the color of the day for most of the audio/video components, allowing them to go with just about any color scheme in the home or office. The designs are also fairly compact but big enough to offer spectacular sight and sound. A few of these items include the Phillips Amisound DVD Home Theater System with 5.1 digital surround sound and the DLO iBoom digital jukebox. There is also the Phillips Docking Entertainment System which is an ipod digital media device and the Digital Photo Frame which displays images from your computer or on-line photo library. In aworld where we all need more space, the one thing these electronics don't do, is take up much.

As a lovely parting gift, we were graced with the Phillps Norelco Arcitec electric razor. It's revolutionary ulta-slim ergonomic design boasts a 360-degree pivot action for optimum skin contact for a meticulous shave.  It's flex and pivot action on the face lets you shave more challenging contours of the neck and chin. Because of it's ergonmic design, the Arctec fits snugly in your hand; is lighter, more comfortable to hold and is seemingly effortless to use. It not only gives you precision shaving, but it also provides faster and closer shaves with precise beard, mustache and sideburn trimming to boot. The one-hour battery charge provides up to sixty-five minutes or twenty-one days worth of shaving time. There is also the Phillips Bliss Bikini Shaver for the ladies.

The one thing that impressed me the most, was not the technology or style of the 2009 product line, but how very affordable they are. Even the high end Blue-Ray DVD player which was around nine hundred dollars when it first came out on the market is now under four hundred dollars and with better technology. There is also array of affordable gifts that are actually priced under fifty dollars. Unfortunately, an hour was not enough time to get familiar with all of Phillips new innovative products. There are just too many to list in a single article, so I'll be doing more in depth reviews in upcoming articles. So stay tuned.

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