Panasonic's PZ850 Television and Viera Cast Review - Exceptional Home Theater Experience

Panasonic introduces Viera Cast

(Los Angeles, CA) June 3, 2008 - When Panasonic launches a new product, it becomes an exploration.  Researched, crafted, tested.  They want the consumer not just to be satisfied, but to be thrilled.  And so when the Panasonic PZ850, their latest entry into the high-end, plasma screen television is unveiled, you want to take a closer look.

With today’s most discerning customer in mind they built not just a television, but what might be considered a step into the future of home entertainment technology.  What’s presented here is “a whole new visual era.”  Or Viera Cast.

Technology Convergence

Today’s techno-savvy audience wants a collective hub in their house.  A digital hearth where all of the elements merge  -- where else, but in the living room. The television becomes a conduit for content, not just traditional television. 

Customers want Internet access on a larger screen.  They want one-touch accessibility to functions, including their personal pictures and video.  Of course, they want cable TV and DVD.  But they want it all at the best quality it can be.

Viera Delivers

Using this revolutionary technology, enjoying entertainment has never been easier.  No cable box to plug in, fast access to both the Internet (like Youtube) and your own online digital pictures.  Lastly, because it is connected to the ever-expanding Internet, the web interface self-updates.  So you’re always in the loop.  Always ready for what’s next.

Panasonic's Viera Cast connects with personal players

Unlike competitors, the Viera link offers easy technical access.  Your personal camera’s SD card plugs directly into the unit, allowing instant viewing.  There are four HDMI inputs, three in the back, one up front.  The technology is ready for whatever you can bring to it.


Getting started is as easy as pressing a button.  The home page is a billboard with specialty windows.  Weather, stocks, Youtube, Picasa, previously-viewed, settings and concierge to name a few.

Viera Cast provides a vivid, broad range of colors and tones.

Most of the window-displayed options are self-explanatory and useful.  Weather is available for every major city.  Bloomberg provides the stock updates.   Google’s Picasa application allows the user to play with and customize pictures.  Previously-viewed shows a frame from the last thing you were watching.  Settings is more of a “start-up” only tool.  Concierge, at the moment, offers little to be excited over. It’s a “white glove” customer service option, casually compared to OnStar’s roadside assistance.  Question is, how often do you usually need a cable, TV, or Internet technician’s help?  There’s room to grow with this idea and the ability to make it exceptional.  Panasonic needs to keep the stew boiling.

Better than your Local Cineplex -- At Home

The screen is flat panel, starting at 42” and goes all the way up to triple digits.  The beauty of the plasma screen allows for more vivid colors, higher contrasts, and no blurring when showing quick-moving imagery, like sports.

The “Studio Reference Mode” brings you the technical ability to calibrate your colors with the same technique that a film studio’s engineer uses.

The “Digital Cinema Color” function is the exhibition end of the Studio Reference Mode.  It delivers a more enhanced and wider spectrum of colors.  For example, redder reds, bringing out more gold and orange detail in the color spectrum.

For Those Who Can

Viera Cast for the PZ850 is designed for high-end users. While the built-in speakers are exceptional, it’s assumed you’ll be using your own surround sound.  The HD picture also looks best coming from HD digital cable or a Blu-Ray disc.

Without a doubt, Panasonic’s PZ850 and its Viera Cast is a luxury item for those who can afford it and expect nothing but the best.  The smallest version starts at around $3,000 and the price escalates from there.

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