OPPO DV-981HD Review - Makes The Grade With Their Latest Innovative Invention

Often times purchasing a DVD player is one of the toughest decisions anyone can make.  There are a lot of things to take into account and consideration when going to any electronic store: quality because it is important for a DVD player to be able to play at its best, style because it is important for a DVD player to have an attractive appearance that intrigues the consumer and price because it is an investment that is going to last a lifetime.  OPPO Digital, Inc. (http://www.oppodigital.com) has put together a DVD player that is high in quality, sleek in style and affordable in price all rolled into one.  It is rare to find a DVD player that carries these attributes.  OPPO Digital, Inc. unveils the DV-981HD DVD Player.

Oppo DV-981HD upconveting DVD player, a High-quality certified HDMI cable with gold-plated HDMI connectors, Remote control with "glow in the dark" keypad (batteries included), Stereo audio cable, Composite video cable, and User manual and warranty information.

Based out of Silicon Valley, OPPO Digital, Inc. is best known for delivering high quality, high-performance level digital electronics at reasonable prices.  Their latest creation the DV-981HD DVD Player supports high fidelity digital audio in Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD Audio formats.  In other words, this unit can handle a wide range of digital media files such as MP3 files, Audio CDs, HDCDs, WMA, Kodak Picture CDs and all version of DivX, which makes the DV-981HD a true universal player.  This DVD Player is perfect for people who are into high definition television, but aren’t quite ready to jump on the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD bandwagon just yet.

What makes this unit appealing is the attractiveness of this DVD Player with its basic all black design and its simplistic look.  Most DVD Players that are out right now have a high gloss look whereas the DV-981HD’s all-black design is less prone to fingerprints.  At 17 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 2 inches in height, its thin design makes it easy for storage in any media performance center shelf or on display out in the open as a conversation piece.  With its bright blue LED lights, this DVD Player enhances the product’s
overall look and style.


What seems to be the issue is the compatibility of DVD players with high definition flat screens.  The problem being that when watching regular DVDs, viewing can be sometimes characterized as grainy and don’t look right.  That’s because the new TV has more resolution than the DVD can put out.  Featuring an HDMI output and DCDi® by Faroudja video processing technology, the OPPO player delivers exceptional video performance and breathes new life into “old” DVDs and the movie viewing obscurity will be a thing of the past.

The DV-981-HD DVD Player performs and excels up to another echelon.  So much so that OPPO Digital, Inc. is marketing this at an affordable price because they believe in providing a high quality digital player at an unbeatable price for the average consumer to own.  Imagine hearing your favorite action-adventure movie and listening to your favorite music CD with this player.  The DV-981HD delivers an exceptional video performance as well as surround sound for all multimedia formats.  And at a retail price of $229, the DV-981HD allows one to make the most of any CD/DVD collection and provides a home theatre experience without paying home theatre prices.

For more information on the OPPO DV-981HD DVD Player, visit http://www.oppodigital.com

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