Mutant Mods a Review

Light up your PC with Mutant Mods! 

Mod products are one of the fastest growing segments of the computer parts market perfect for mainstream users, PC gamers, and hardcore mod addicts.  It's no wonder why.   


Customize the look and feel of your system with these colorful products from Startech.  Featuring a wide array of accessories, these pieces are cool, inexpensive, and fun.  Some mod products are functional, such as Mutant Mod LED fans which illuminate your PC while cooling its components.  Others are strictly cosmetic, like the Electro Luminescent Wire which adds a unique glow to the inside of your computer. 


Most of the Mutant Mods are available in different colors so you can truly deck your PC out, just the way you want it.  Turn out the lights and watch things get really trippy.

Available products include: Luminous LED Fans; Unreal USB 2.0 cables with LEDs; Electro-Luminescent Wire Kits; Cool Cathode Kits; Laser Cut and Clear Fan Guards; Skull Head Thumbscrews; UV Reactive IDE and Floppy Cables; The 'Furious Fan Controller'; Clear Cases with Built-In Windows; and Illuminated Power Supplies. 

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