Maxtor's Great Storage Solution

If you're serious about your data, Maxtor has created an external hard drive storage solution that you'll have trouble living without--whether you're a Windows or Mac user. The Personal Storage 5000XT makes it possible to easily consolidate and store, on a single drive, large volumes of data or digital content from tapes, floppies, CDs, DVD-ROMs and the web. With a capacity of 250 gigs, this drive has enough space to back up every computer in our In! Magazine offices... twice! We're drooling over this thing. The sheer volume of storage it offers is astounding.

After installation of the driver software, the 5000XT hooked up as easily as a digital camera, but with its own external power supply. The drive can be hotplugged using either a FireWire or USB interface. Once connected, access to the drive is rapid, finally freeing our staff from spending time searching by hand through piles of floppies, Zip cartridges and CDs. You can save music and video files in their original uncompressed format without compromising audio or video quality. It's a great option to have if you're on the go, or need to move massive files from one place to another.

We tested the drive on a Pentium III Windows 2000 machine using a USB 1.1 port, which offers a maximum data transfer rate of 1.4 MB/sec. Maxtor recommends USB 2.0 for the 5000XT, since the new standards allow for a transfer rate nearly 40 times faster than the original USB specs. If your system doesn't have onboard FireWire or USB 2.0, we recommend treating yourself to a SCSI card upgrade for speedier backup.

The Maxtor OneTouch control lets you easily save an extra copy of your files. Using the included Dantz Retrospect Express software, you can customize your backup strategy to fit your specific needs.The Retrospective software lets you configure backup scripts to run automatically with just the touch of the button on the front of the drive Bbackup all your image, audio, video and presentation files before you climb into bed, just by tapping that one button on the sleek blue case. The software will take care of everything while you sleep dreaming of plasma monitors and WiFi, with occassional 5.25" floppy nightmares.

If compressed backup isn't your thing, use the Retrospect software's "Duplicate" option to copy or synchronize your files. And, of course, you can always use the external Maxtor drive as you would any other hard, floppy or tape drive, reading and writing data on the fly as needed.

The Maxtor 5000XT USB 250G Personal Storage External Hard Drive retails for about $400. It's easy to configure, and can be stored flat or upright. You'll find more information regarding the entire family of Personal Storage solutions, as well as additional products on the Maxtor website

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