Maxtor Shared Storage Plus Review

When it come to the contents of your computer, there is nothing more scary than sitting there watching as your computer beeps and flashes' .then tells you that it is about to 'die.'  As you read this you will know exactly why, but there is one product that I will not go another day without' The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus 'it literally saved our lives.'  If you have a hard drive crash you can lose a lot more on your trusted computer than you might think; documents, addresses, emails, and other important information. 

Maxtor's Shared Storage Plus is a way to store important material in a completely safe environment.  Use it as a backup hard drive for extra storage space or insurance against a crash.  This drive works great for individual computers and is easily integrated into any LAN (network.)
As a simple place to store or back up files, photos, music or videos, the Maxtor drive allows for easy access to all of what's important to you.  Once set up the drive, with included software, can back up your data on an as needed basis or can be set to conduct a back up every night.

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive

Two days after setting up the drive on our system, and programming it to back up our drives on a nightly basis, our main computer crashed.  Initially, we freaked out and thought that we had lost years of data.  The drive in the computer could not be read and was virtually useless.  After replacing the drive and using the Maxtor software to restore our system and data, we were back up and running without losing a thing. WE LOVE YOU MAXTOR!!!

That being said, I highly recommend the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus.  Once the system is set up you literally don't even need to think about it' until you crash or lose data' then you smile, knowing that you are safe with your Maxtor.

The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus has SimpleView™ feature which provides a quick backup and storage status for all networked users.  It can also act as a media server, which can play back digital photos, music and video to networked home entertainment systems.  With it's easy installation and automatic network configuration, you can access files from any workstation on your network (either a PC or a Mac.)  Drag and Sort™ file organization is another technology developed by Maxtor, for an easy organization of files, which is also included in the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus software.
The drive has a 500GB capacity, 2 USB ports which lets you attach shared printers, peripherals or extra drives, acting as a USB hub.  It is powered by a 100Base-T / 10Base-T Ethernet connection and has a easy browser interface to assign privacy levels for shared folders.

Minimum system requirements for the drive are : Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS 10.2.8 or higher, a wired or wireless router with an available 10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 port, a browser for management interface of the drive, and a internet connection for future updates.

The starter kit contains the external drive and cradle, the power adapter, an Ethernet cable, the Quick Start CD , a user's guide and Maxtor warranty. Maxtor's software CD only supports Windows, but the drive is compatible with Mac OS X and Linux as long as you map the share to your drive, you are ready to go.

The installation of the drive took around 10 minutes.  With the software I was able to configure the drive as a shared drive and was able to backup my personal documents, emails, and files in a few minutes.  I setup a scheduled backup of my sensitive folders, which can be done daily and hourly.  In my opinion, this is a best feature of the drive because there is nothing worse than losing important data from my computer in a crash or from a virus.

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus box

To read more about Maxtor clicl here to go to the Maxtor site

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