Logitech V20 Laptop Speakers

It seems like everyone has a laptop these days.  But who needs speakers for them?  After listening to the Logitech V20s, the answer became obvious.  Everyone.  I recently picked up a Gateway CX200 Tablet PC, and am thrilled with it.  But within seconds of plugging the V20s into my notebook's USB port, I was blown away.
These lightweight, portable speakers not only look sleek and elegant they sound great.  Their high dynamic headroom circuitry offers greater volume with less distortion, and combined with the 2" Max-X™ high-excursion drivers and 3" pressure drivers, maximize bass response.

No more straining to hear news clips and MP3 files from weak laptop speakers.  For well under $100, why not turn your computer lab into a home movie theater, or a dance club?  Simple push button controls provide forward/back, play, stop, mute, and volume functions that work with many software applications. 

Take the V20 speakers with you on the road in their sturdy protective travel case, or use them at home.  The USB connection provides both power and digital-quality audio.  No AC adapter, no other cables to hassle with.  Just plug em in, and let em rock.   

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