Logitech MX3000 Cordless Laser Keyboard Review

More and more, wireless keyboards and mice aren't a luxury they're a necessity.  Whether your needs are word processing, gaming, design, or basic internet and mail activity, this new bundle from Logitech puts everything you need at your fingertips, with added mobility, and without the mess of wires.  

It all starts with the keyboard one of the best we've seen.  The ergonomically designed piece, quite simply, has loads of functions.  With the MX3000, you can control music or video playback, including playlist shuffle, with the one-touch media buttons.  Use the two-handed navigation controls to scroll and zoom spreadsheets, images and large documents.  Zoom in or out, then return to 100% with a single touch.  Another extremely neat function is the true page up/page down feature which leaves you off exactly where you need to be perfect for web searches and word documents. 

The wireless mouse is a pleasure to use, offering unmatched precision and control on surfaces where ordinary optical mice just can't go. The unique tilt wheel allows vertical and horizontal scrolling, and CruiseControl™ lets you scroll long lists quickly and effortlessly.  It's also quite light, which makes it ideal for game players. 

As a bundle, the MX3000 is designed for simple set-up and go.  The pre-connected keyboard and mouse deliver enhanced security, without the hassle of a manual connection process. It couldn't be easier.  Even following a battery change, there is no reconnection procedure required.  (Batteries are included to get you up and running immediately.) 

Sophisticated battery management technologies deliver up to 6 months of life, and the keyboard and mouse both include convenient LED battery level indicators that give approximately ten days notice before your batteries need changing.  The bundle also includes a nice software suite, perfect for home theater applications. 

If you're looking for a little more flexibility on your desktop, at under $100, the MX3000 is a true steal. 

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