HELIO Drift Review - My New Best Friend!

The Drift- Gunmetal Black

I remember my first cell phone. It was thick, colorless, and boring. I was happy with it at the time because I wasn't familiar with any thing else. I had thought all cell phones were the same' they were all just used for was making phone calls. Over a period of six years, going through a variety of different cell phones, I found cell phone technology to advance greatly. Now, I have met the coolest cell phone ever' My Drift from HELIO.

I love my new Drift! It has been definitely created for my 21st generation. Any teen or young adult would have a blast with their HELIO' with all the up to date features, it's impossible to forget it at home. My new best friend is perfectly sized to fit in my pockets or small purse. It slides up smoothly so I can locate the dial buttons easily and it glides back down when I don't need to use them; I've seem to have caught a habit of sliding the phone up and down repeatedly, I just can't help that the phone keeps me entertained even when I am not even using it. The screen is large enough see everything on it perfectly and the colors are magnificent! One feature it allows me to choose from is what type of banner I want on my screen and how the banner is displayed. I have my name as the banner and I choose to have the banner displayed in purple letters that appear and then disappear. Every time one my friends see that feature they think my Drift is pretty cool' but they haven't seen the really cool parts yet.

What's even greater than a cool looking phone is a phone with all the right features everyone would love to have. My Drift can access me to Myspace; Yahoo!; EBay; Google; Fandango; or any website I want to go on. Going on the Internet on my Drift is so easy and clear that I don't have to use my computer all the time now. The games are incredible on it! Once I showed my boyfriend and his friends the games on there, I didn't get my Drift back for a couple of hours. They were so amazed a cell phone could have games so realistic and fun' they all want Drift now. I also can download tons of music and listen to them whenever I want! The music sounds clearer on my Drift than it does on the radio. The next thing I'm always using is the camera. You have all the options in the camera as you would in a digital camera. Even with all those features, my Drift also has Bluetooth and a full GPS system. The features are simply amazing and I couldn't ask for more.

Drifts are fully GPS enabled!

With its slender shape with all the cool features this phone is a perfect phone. HELIO is way more than just a phone company. I am glad to have met my perfect match and my Drift will never leave my side.



To learn more go to www.helio.com

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