Gateway CX200 a Review

If you're looking for a laptop PC with all the bells and whistles, the new Gateway CX200 may just be the one for you.  Powered by a 1.73GHz Pentium M processor with a 60Gig hard drive, this silver metallic notebook is way more than your run of the mill wireless laptop. 

The CX200's crystal clear 14.1' screen swivels a full 180 degrees and folds down, conveniently turning it into a tablet.  This slick feature allows the user to write on the 1,024 x 768-pixel screen with a comfortable digitizer pen, and easily converts that handwriting into text. 

The computer did an impressive job handling hard to read print and errors can be easily fixed.  For quick note taking, use the included software to jot down info and draw illustrations just like post-its.  These features are perfect for those who want to take quick notes on the fly students, real estate agents, small business professionals in need of a client's signature. 

Another very neat feature allows the user to cut and paste text and/or images from the web with the digitizer pen, and paste them into other applications.  You want to grab an image and pop it in a Word document?  No problem.  Find some hard to come by text you want to email to a friend?  Just snatch it up and send.  It's that easy. 

What separates the CX200 from the big-screened convertible crowd is that this system's display uses the more popular widescreen aspect ratio, so you can watch DVDs the way they were meant to be seen, work on two open windows at once, and minimize horizontal scrolling when surfing the Web and working on spreadsheets.

The keyboard includes dedicated Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys, as well as launch buttons that start Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, My Computer, and Windows' help screens.  Several keys grace the front of the tablet a duplicate function of the computer arrow keys, a customizable hot key, a very useful button that changes the orientation of the screen, and a dimmer control for the screen.  When closed, the unit features a handy finger grip area for easy portability.

All three USB ports are located on the right side of the tablet. There is no S-Video port, but you will find a VGA port, FireWire port, and 3-in-1 card reader (SD, MS, MS Pro). Gigabit Ethernet is available as well.  Numerous battery options let users configure the system for mobility or long battery life of more than 8.5 hours of usage time, which is ideal for long days in class, at the library or during travel. 

The Gateway CX200 is also outfitted with the latest security software that protects customers against viruses, spyware and other threats.  Gateway offers a pro-active service tool called BigFix at no charge on the Gateway CX200 to consumer direct customers. BigFix identifies and sends messages offering updates and general PC maintenance, further keeping the PC up-to-date and free from attacks.

The CX200 is loaded with the fastest Pentium M processor currently available (1.7-GHz). 512MB of RAM, and a fast 5,400-rpm hard drive.  Thanks to these monster specs, this Gateway convertible offers far smoother graphics and gaming capabilities than its predecessors.  For an even more intense audio/visual experience, add a pair of Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers, and hear your CX200 roar. 

At nearly 7 pounds, the unit's only drawback is its weight, making it a bit unwieldy as a dedicated handheld tablet.  That being said, with all the features this unit offers, at around $2,000, the Gateway CX200 may well be the hottest Tablet PC on the market today. 

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