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Excalibur Electronics sent us another package here at LA Splash Magazine with some of there latest greatest electronic gadgets, that are a must for anyone on the go, or for that matter staying at home.

Deluxe Talking Touch Chess Computer

They sent us a variety of gizmos starting with the Deluxe Talking Touch Chess Computer (clouted as the World's Best Portable Chess Computer) you can hear swords clang, horses gallop, men march, and the drums beat. If you are a beginner, let the talking LCD chess tutor teach you how to play chess. However if you are an advanced player, beware, because the talking LCD chess is strong enough to beat over 99% (that's what I am told at least) of all players on its top level. Some of the great features of this little computer are a speaking vocabulary of over 75 words, 136 strength & analysis levels, teaching mode with a tutor that actually talks to you, exciting sound effects and an opening book trainer.

Move a piece with just a touch of the stylus. They also thought that the world's best traveling chess computer should be wrapped in an elegant but heavy-duty case that both protects and accents. It is packed with features you'd expect from the world's leader in electronic chess.

New York Times Travel Master

They also sent us the New York Times (which is a series that Excalibur does in conjunction with the many of the different notable critics at the Times) Travel Master. Whether in Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong or Paris, you can get them all. You can also use Fodor's famous advice on hotels, restaurants, shopping attractions, nightlife and the city tips '€" with just a push of a button! Get familiar with the best your destination has to offer when you travel abroad or even around this beautiful country of ours, by reading thousands of articles from the travel pages of The New York Times.

Pet Master

Want something else to read during trip? Travel Master's Century of Business contains the top New York Times business-related stories from every decade of the 20th Century. It's fascinating reading for either business or pleasure traveler. Travel Master puts the world at your fingertips.

Find out exactly what you need to know about your pets with Excalibur's Pet Master! Get emergency information'€"even when you're on the road. Like finding a vet, when you're visiting your Aunt Edith in Miami and your girlfriends pocket sized pooch swallows half a bag of marbles, boom! There you go, you're on it and you have saved the day once again. It will also help you find the likely causes and treatments for common everyday symptoms. Training, nutrition, exercise tips are all on here as well. You can also put in all of your pets information, and set alarms for pet meds and Vet office visits. This gadget will take being a pet owner to a new level; you will have everything you ever wanted to know about K-9 and feline friends at the touch of a button.

The Forever Flashlight “Dynamo Edition”.

Last but surely not least is my favorite item in this bunch that they sent us. It is called The Forever Flashlight 'Dynamo Edition'. It uses no batteries and requires only the three LED lights included. This thing is great it would be ideal for any one going camping or into a wilderness situation. You can even leave the flashlight unused in your car's glove box for years and you'll always get that all-important light when you need it most. Forever Flashlight 'Dynamo Edition pays for itself quickly by saving you the cost of not buying batteries and bulbs. It has a very comfortable agronomical feel to it and is weather proof. To charge the light you need only pull the recessed crank out and winding it for about one minute (2 turns per second) will give you around 40 minutes of light in the single '€"LED mode and 25 minutes in the triple-LED mode. Winding it for another nine minutes and you will get 120 in single-LED mode and 40 minutes in triple-LED mode. Great idea for Fathers Day coming up.

If you would like top find out more about these and other great Excalibur Electronics you can visit thier website at: www.excaliburelectronics.net  


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