Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Software Review - It types while you speak!

The Package

Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 is a speech recognition software that makes it really easy to talk to your computer and dictate to it.It recognizes a person's speech pattern .It is compatible with all Microsoft office applications.It adds a dragon bar to your existing text editing software which can be used to vary the controls and add words. You can adjust the software to the speed with which you speak. It's like dictating to your personal secretary, it' so fast yet accurate. It s designed to work with five English dialects which include UK English, US English, Australian English, Indian English and South-East Asian English. It uses the currency formats and punctuation according to the selected dialect....

The Package


You can create your letters e-mails, reports and other documents just by speaking to your computer.It takes some time for the software to adapt to a person's personal voice and punctuation but it learns pretty fast, once you correct your mistakes and adds words that the software doesn't know it gets better and better as you use it but it could be a little annoying to start with.You can create voice commands to switch between programs and other tasks , The voice command feature also works well you can command your computer to open the internet explorer window etc. 


The Headset Is Of Good Quality

The system requirements for this software is on the higher side, It needs a At least a Pentium4  1 GHZ Processor or an equivalent AMD processor, 1GB RAM minimum512 MB free RAM, The recommended processor speed is 2.4 GHZ, It will not install on a computer with a processor which has lesser speed than 1Ghz.and a Minimum of 650 MB of free hard disk space.It is easy to set up the software as the software wizard helps the user to set up the system according to his personal voice tone, dialect and the pace of his/her speech.It comes with a good headset microphone unit, the boom is adjustable so you can adjust it to your convenience, the quality of the headset is good and it's easy on your head... As I started using this software it took me some time to get used to it because you have to speak the punctuations to it and then there are command for deleting the phrases and so on but once I got used to it, I figured how convenient this thing is. 


The Set-Up Wizard Helps You Adjust The Software To your Voice

 You will need an active Internet Connection to activate this software. The hardware requirements are a bit on the higher side but almost all the computers these days have this configuration unless they are too old...

The Voice Loudness Set-Up

Interface Which Types Text As You Talk

 It can even read out your text to you with a text-to speech function, Apart from this there are other advanced features like formatting text with the built in commands.If your work involves a lot of text typing this is definitely the product for you. It increases the pace of your work. This software is available over the internet in the price range of $800-$1000.For more information on this product please Click Here.

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