Averatec 1000 Series Notebook Review

True mobility without boundaries.  And value without compromise.


A laptop that looks like it was designed for women and men of class; stylish, good looking and fully functional. What a treat to have a product that will not only look good in your designer room but function as well as any of the metallic, space age, ugly Heman computers.

My world is getting lighter and lighter.  About 2 months ago I received a most exciting package in the mail. When I opened it, there inside was the sexiest computer I have ever seen, an Averatec, one of their 1000 Series. It was delicate, stream lined, a sparkling deep ruby color in an ultra stylish modern design.  But best of all it was light - feather light - ultra-light - weighing in at only 3.6 pounds. 


Upon seeing it most of my friends and colleagues were amazed. I kept hearing 'What is it?' to which I'd answer 'open it'. When they did it would be with exclamations of 'It's a laptop! But it's so small. I could never get used to working on anything so small.'

For me the size of the computer has been nothing but a plus. The screen is a wide-screen 10.6' WXGA with AveraBrite™.  The display is crisp and very clear with great color and clarity. Even at a small 10.6' with the wide- screen function, I completely forget I am on a screen 4 inches smaller than my desktop. I have never had any problem working or seeing anything on the screen.


In case you aren't familiar with them Averatec is one of Korea's largest computer manufacturers.

Okay for all you tech heads out there here are some specifications you may be wondering about:

Intel®   Cetrino™ Mobile Technology
Intel®  Pentium® M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 733
Wide Screen - 10.6'  WXGA with AveraBrite™ display - brighter output, clearer images and superior color clarity.
Integrated wireless LAN capabilities
80GB Hard Drive
802.11b/g Intel Pro Wireless LAN
IEEE FireWire Port
2 Hi-Speed USB ports
4-in-1 Media Card Reader
DVD + CD-RW Burner
Dimensions - 10.47" x 7.97" x 1.16" (Front) - 1.36" (Back)


With the simple push of a button above the keyboard you can watch movies and listen to music on the Windows Media® Player

There is a built-in high-speed wireless LAN with dual-antenna allowing for super fast Internet multimedia streaming and downloading, all the while keeping you secure with the included Norton AntiVirus, Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 with Enhanced Security Protection, and Intel's Execute Disable Bit functionality that can halt worm attacks and eliminate the need for software patches.

A FireWire Port makes digital video recording right onto your laptop possible and the combination DVD+CD-RW allows you to transfer music, photos and other multimedia from your portable media and burn them to a CD, or watch your favorite DVD on the vivid 10.6" wide XGA screen.


Okay enough of all that tech talk lets get into the important information. Performance. Exactly how well in real life has the Averatec run? How easy is it to navigate? How mobile is it? What would someone wish they knew about it before making a purchase?

Let's talk problems first. There were only two problems I have encountered with this computer. The first one happened the day I took it out of the box. The door that covers the network cable plug loosened and has never closed properly. It has remained loose fitting but has never broken of. The second problem I have had is a jumpy cursor. I'll be typing and it will occasionally jump around on the page when I am word processing. This will cause me to have to pay periodic attention to where I am to make sure I am not inadvertently adding text where I don't want text added. All in all these things have sometimes been annoying but never enough of a concern to make me wish I had another laptop.


I am not a tech head. I don't know a mega bite from a trilobite. I probably don't even know how to spell bite.  But I can still operate a computer. In fact my job depends on me being able to operate a computer. My main uses of a computer are word processing and Photoshoping. So of course that is where I have given the Averatec the most use. And it has come through for me in flying colors.

Today I am as much in love with it as I was when I first pulled it out of its box. I'm a girl and so I love the looks. I've been traveling a lot lately and its size and weight have been a lifesaver. I would have disjointed a shoulder or pulled my sacroiliac out if it hadn't been so light and mobile. I can't imagine if I would have had to lug a heavy laptop through airport security, juggled my luggage and laptop around a huge airport terminal, carted it in and out of taxis, hotels, cafes, theatres, convention centers and all the places I have had to stay connected lately. So, Instead of feeling like I needed to hire a porter or damage my body, I've been able to toss my laptop over my shoulder with no more trouble than if it were a large purse.


It's also fast for such a small computer. I do a lot of work in Photoshop and have many large pictures open all at the same time. This would have bogged down my old computer and sent my work and my internet connection down to a snails pace. I would have had to close programs, pick and choose which photos could be open and which would have to be closed, if I wanted to get anything finished. My internet would have ground to a halt and my download speeds would have been archaic. BUT, with the large hard drive and great processor speed. I am able to multi task faster and more thoroughly than ever before. With the wireless internet capabilities I am able to work from remote locations and have a mobile office wherever I go.


I've taken it overseas with me and domestically to an Elk Ranch in Northern Utah, where I was able to work in the backseat of a car during the drive up to the Ranch. Once there I was able to pull it out and sit it on the hood of the car and continue my work.

Of course it is a godsend in an airport terminal where I've had long waits and layovers. I'd find an electrical outlet and plug in, connect the wireless and be available to the world.


The battery has just over three hours of life to it and so when I wasn't able to find an electrical connection I was still able to work.

Planes, trains and automobiles, were mobile offices I could work through what otherwise would have had to be downtime. 

Hotel beds became my favored desks and cafes, coffee shops, even restaurant tables were turned into mini offices.


The small size light weight and multi functions of this computer were ideal for me and my busy lifestyle. Keeping me in connected while in London, Atlanta, and Utah to my home office in L.A.. Averatec gave me 'mobility without boundaries' allowing me to write and post my stories, and stay connected with friends, family and the world.


With all I love about this laptop the one thing I have yet to mention is price. You can't believe how affordable it is. For under $1,200 you can purchase this beauty, making it truly 'a value without compromise'.

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