4ALLMEMORY prescribes "tech steroids" for your computer

A simple trick for those of us with computers that just can't handle the high demands of today's entertainment, business and digital video is to customize.  That thought might scare many of us, with all of the high tech jargon and sophisticated hardware, but customizing your computer to suit your specific needs is not as hard as it may seem.  There is nothing worse than waiting five minutes for a web page to load, your computer freezing because you have more than one application open or trying to watch video or listen to music in 'slow motion.'

Techno steroids!

Like myself, I think that we generally believe that we should just run out and get a new 'fancy, pimped out' lap or desktop.  Computer manufacturers are making computers fairly affordable these days and the temptation is there for us to splurge and just trash that ridiculously slow hunk of metal we've been fighting with. 

I have to tell you, that is not always the best solution.  With less than half of the money you would spend on buying a new computer, you can actually upgrade your existing computer to suit all of your needs.  TRUST ME' this is not only an option for computer techs these days' anyone can do it effortlessly.

A memory upgrade can be one of the least expensive and easiest solutions of improving your computer's speed and overall performance.  When you are ready to start the upgrade, I strongly recommend 4ALLMEMORY (www.4allmemory.com).  4ALLMEMORY, provides memory cards for all computers and manufacturers; including Dell, Samsung, Compaq, Toshiba and many more. 

The key to a successful upgrade is to know what kind of RAM memory your motherboard is currently using.  4ALLMEMORY's website offers a unique tool which scans your computer and generates a report of what kind of memory you have, how much your computer can hold and which type of memory you need.  Typically this can be quite confusing because there are many different types of computer memory, including sdr, ddr, ddr2, and rd, ecc and non ecc, but 4ALLMEMORY's web tool will let you know exactly which kind of memory you need and how much to get.

As simple to install as changing the battery on your cell phone

In addition, each type of RAM is rated with a speed.  Adding a faster memory to your computer will speed things up, while adding slower memory can make your computer work slower.  Other information that you will need to know is the maximum capacity your computer can hold. 

If your computer already has two memory modules, you will need to remove one of the installed modules in order to install the new one.  If the two modules have the same capacity, it doesn't matter which one you will take away, but if they have different capacities, remove the one with smaller capacity.

To test this process we selected four computers in our office to upgrade.  We went to the site and input the brand and model of the computers and their system did all of the calculating.  It only took a few minute for us to know exactly what we needed to begin our upgrade.  We ordered the additional RAM and received it within days (free shipping and lifetime guarantees were quite the bonus.)

The process was simple.  Upon opening the boxes containing the memory cards we saw that they came with easy to follow instructions on how to install.  The installation took about ten minutes per computer and before we knew it all four computers were back up and running at much higher speeds than before.

I would both recommend a self-upgrade as well as 4ALLMEMORY to bring your older computers up to today's standards.

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