The David Suzuki Foundation Review - Spotlight on Climate Change

There is a lot of information (and, unfortunately, some misinformation) out there regarding climate change, which is arguably one of the more serious issues we currently face, how can one find information that is certain to be reliable? It happens that there are some terrific websites available that can provide all of the information you’re looking for and then some.

I regard The David Suzuki Foundation as one of the best and it is online at Dr. David Suzuki is a well-known, award-winning geneticist, environmentalist, and long-time broadcaster. He is also currently the host of CBC Television’s“The Nature of Things” (, a position he has held since 1979. I think that the show itself can best be described as one that strives to give us a better understanding of our planet, the impact that we have upon it, and our responsibility toward it.

Dr. David Suzuki

The David Suzuki Foundation site provides a wealth of information on a number of issues, split into different categories. Among them are “Climate Change,” “Health,” “Oceans,” “Wildlife & Habitat,” and “Freshwater.” Click on any one of them and you are taken to a page featuring some of the latest news, blog entries, and reports on that particular topic. As an example, I recently clicked on “Climate Change,” and found information on everything from how you can reduce your carbon footprint to information on purchasing carbon offsets, a report on a sustainable energy strategy for Canada, a guide to doing business in a more eco-friendly manner, and a terrific blog entry about a Vancouver taxi driver named Andrew Grant.    

Graph related to purchasing carbon offset

Andrew purchased a Toyota Prius to use as a taxi back in 1999, when the car first became available in that area, making it the first hybrid taxi anywhere in the world. To make a long story short, his choice of vehicle led to other area taxi drivers learning more about the cars, which in turn led to them purchasing hybrids themselves. This idea continued to grow, as one hopes a good idea does, and hybrid cabs began showing up in ever-greater numbers in British Columbia. Flash forward ten years to 2009 and now more than 800 such taxis operate within the B.C. area alone. While hybrid taxis may still not be the norm in every town of every Canadian province, this idea has caught on in Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, and Saskatoon, all of which now have hybrid taxis on the road. Talk about a great example of how just one person can have a significant, positive impact on the environment.

Poster for an event held by the David Suzuki Foundation

Additionally, the site provides information about The David Suzuki Foundation, Dr. Suzuki himself, how you can donate to help support the foundation, and a “What You Can Do” section. The “What You Can Do” section gives you a number of ideas on how you can live in a much more sustainable manner. Among the resources provided are YouTube videos on how you can “go green at home,” videos about others who have inspired people to live in a more eco-friendly manner, how you can help B.C.’s grizzly bears, and how you can go carbon neutral.It is truly a great place to start for those who want to do something to help the planet but are unsure of where to begin. Once you’ve checked all of that out, you just might want to head over to CBC Television’s “The Nature of Things” site:, where you can learn even more.

Graph displaying how rate of employment relates to number of trees cut down


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