Stink Bug Invasion!


Well, we may have a new imported, invasive pest. The good news is that the control should be easy – and of course it’s organic.

Officially known as the brown marmorated stink bug, sightings of the pest have been reported in 33 states, an increase of eight states since last fall, plus listeners reported on my radio show this past weekend that the insects are in Texas. The National Pest Management Association warned homeowners this week that the bugs' growing populations are likely to be large.

Photo by Ralph Scorza, USDA Stink bugs swarm over and feed on a nectarine. Sightings of the pest have been reported in 33 states, an increase of eight states since last fall.

First identified in the USA in the late 1990s in Allentown, PA, these Asian bugs have few natural predators in the U.S. because native enemies do not seem to recognize them as prey.

A tiny parasitic wasp from Asia known as a Trissolcus wasp - a bug smaller than a gnat - is showing promise as a possible biological control. This wasp, which is a natural enemy of the brown marmorated stink bug in Asia, might be able to control this pest by preying on brown marmorated stink bug eggs. Obviously, we want to be sure that any wasps that are released to control the brown marmorated stink bug will not create problems for other stink bugs, especially species that are beneficial." View Video


The Dirt Doctor Control is:


  • ·         For those bugs inside the house or office – vacuum them and throw in the trash.
  • ·         Outdoors, the prevention is to have an organic program and encourage birds, lizards, frogs, toads, beneficial insects and lots of good microbes. Trichogramma wasps should be released anyway for the control of various caterpillars, and they just might help with control of this pest. 
  • ·         Outdoors the cure is to spray the killing organic pest control products. The options include orange oil-based products, neem products, Eco-EXEMPT and EcoSMART products. Garrett Juice Plus with Bio Wash added is a great foliar feed that works as an effective repellent for various pests.

General Stink Bug Information  (click on links)
Beneficial Stink Bugs: Green Stink Bug and Brochymena Stink Bug

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Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett

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