Stihl BR600 Magnum Blower Review - The Cadillac of Blowers


Stihl BR 600 Magnum Professional Blower

I live on a 5 acre property surrounded by trees. The leaves on the 100 year old tress are forever falling. Because I wanted to have the property look well groomed but did not want to spend my life sweeping leaves, I needed to find the very best blower possible. After doing much research, I came upon the Stihl BR 600 Magnum Blower and boy, am I glad I did!  

When I first looked at the Stihl BR 600 Magnum Blower it looked like it was something out of Star Trek, so beautifully designed and looking like a jet pack. I read the easy to follow instructions, mixed the proper amount of gasoline and oil, and easily started this amazing machine. The steady hum of the powerful motor was reassuring but even more so, when I attacked the piles of leaves throughout the property, I was amazed at how easily and rapidly they disappeared. Of course make sure to wear your dust protector mask as it does kick up a lot of dust. What in the past was a burden actually became an amazingly fun experience. The instant gratification of having complete control over the leaves was a thrill.

First of all, when strapping the blower on my back it had a feeling of being in a cockpit and conferred my actions with a gravitas not afforded by the tiny hand model I was used to using. The power coming out of the nozzle was so great, it literally pushed my entire arm back, as if a large baboon rode my back and was tugging on my arm.

Another great advantage with this Stihl BR 600 Magnum Blower was the freedom that I had to safely climb a ladder in order to blow leaves off of the roof, without my life flashing before my eyes like it did when precariously carrying the handheld blower up it.

The blower comes with a great hearing protector that reduces the noise by 23 decibels. Protective glasses and the deerhide leather gloves provided also made for a complete safe and comfortable uniform that makes my weekly blowing seem much less of a chore.

Easy Start

The Stihl BR 600 Magnum Blower is the top of the line model. Complete with a 64.4 cc engine, weighing only 21 lbs and with a 75 dBA sound level, the BR 600 is the strongest model made by Stihl. My experience of strapping this blower to my back is a great one and consequently I rate the Magnum as a favorite. Here are my reasons why a Stihl BR 600 Magnum Blower is a great choice:

  • The design is exceptional, both aesthetically and from a utilitarian point of view; there are no rough edges to snag on clothing or brush.
  • The Superior Balance and Design greatly helps reduce fatigue.
  • The knobs are all tucked away into clever recesses which makes for good handling and protection during use.
  • The High-Tech Polymer Housings are lightweight, withstand greater impact and are corrosion-resistant.
  • The Air Filter Cover is easy to remove without tools for fast and easy filter cleaning or replacement.
  • There is a Helper Handle for added air direction control and vacuum use.
  • The Adjustable Tube lets the operator choose the length that is right for them.
  • The BR 600 Magnum has a very easy pull start.
  • The Purge Pump Primer lets you prime the carburetor without flooding it.
  • The Upright Translucent Fuel Tank allows the operator to easily check fuel level before starting work. 
  • Long-Life Cylinders give maximum wear life, better cleaning, and more power output per cubic centimeter of engine displacement.

Only 21 lbs On My Back

The amount of power that comes out of the only 21 lbs contraption on my back is amazing in comparison with similar models in its class that start at least at 25 lbs and do not wear nearly as comfortably as this one. I have carried the Stihl BR 600 Magnum for hours at a time with no discomfort.

Padded Back

The truth is that the BR 600 Magnum is more than just a purchase  – it’s truly an investment; an investment in the Stihl Company itself, whose founder, Andreas Stihl established the company in 1926. You have to figure - after 87 years as a successful company employing more than 2100 people nationwide and with a network of over 8,000 servicing power equipment retailers from coast to coast, you're going to get an amazingly dependable and lasting product. 

Ready To Go

Final verdict:  

The power to weight ratio on this machine is nothing short of formidable and makes the Stihl BR 600 the clear favorite in my opinion as a guy who spends a full day every week blowing leaves from his employer’s properties. And at a $600 purchase price it a very worthwhile investment.





Point of interest -

This is a 4 stroke engine that uses a spark plug. Because this isn’t a maintenance free blower, I strongly advise the owner to familiarize themselves with the manual. The most important reminder: the Spark Plug is protected yet easy to change (make sure to clean it periodically - at least every 100 hours of use) and absolutely make sure that you are mixing your oil to premium gasoline properly. The fuel mix ratio for all Stihl two stroke engines is 50:1. That is 50 parts gas to 1 part two stroke oil mix.


To purchase, please visit Stihl’s website.

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